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Cigarette Smoke.


March Fourth, 1983

What the hell did I do?

Tears stream down my cheeks as I search the area, running despite the cold wind biting my face. Branches threaten to strip me, causing me to stumble and fall a few times. I push through the wooded area, knowing my baby has to be here somewhere. Somewhere.

''Sam!'' I hear my name being called, though I ignore whoever's calling me and continue running, looking. Looking everywhere, because my baby has to be somewhere.

A branch finally stops me, pulling me down and tripping me. I cry out, staying down. A feeling of being weak overbears me, and I just cry. I cry because my baby is gone - all because of me.

Arms wrap around me suddenly, the scent of my mate filling my nose. I sob, allowing him to embrace me.

''Sam, Sam - '' he's shaking me, repeating my name over and over again. I sob, crying my utter heart out.

''He's gone!'' I shriek, ripping myself from his hold. I stumble to my feet, clutching my red locks. I look at Adam, eyes puffy and red.

''Where is he, Sam?'' Adam takes my hand, eyes wide with fright and anger. I sob again, not sure what to say - not sure where to start.

''He's gone, Adam.'' I cry, pawing at my face. ''my baby Anthony is gone.''
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Eh. Not that great a start, but it's something. I hope you enjoyed <3