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Cigarette Smoke.

Poor Mr. Dale.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat, listening as Mr. Dale rambles on and on about sexual education - human sex ED, at that. From the constant, under-the-breath sighing I can tell the other fertiles are growing impatient, too.

''Sir - '' one of the more cranky fertiles calls out, tapping her quite long French manicured fingernails on the grimy desk, a seemingly permanent scowl fixed upon her features. Mr. Dale just simply looks at her, a dull expression tight on his face.

''I don't know why you're teaching us human sex ED - because, we aren't human. Things don't work the same down there, hun.'' The fertile - Kasey, I think her name is, - continues to scowl at the flustered teacher.

''Miss, I'm not sure what you want me to do. I teach human sexual education. I understand that your kind are in this room, but so are my kind and they deserve to learn just as much as you do.'' I can tell Mr. Dale doesn't mean any harm - I really do. I also know that Kasey just enjoys trouble, and Mr. Dale is going to be her latest victim.

''Oh, sir - '' Kasey turns her head side ways a little bit, flowing blonde hair in her pretty blue eyes slightly. Unable to help it, I stare hard at her - want her to knock it off. I feel funny for thinking this, though I can't help but feel this way. Mr. Dale isn't the best teacher, but he respects us - or, at least he tries to.

'' - I'm not sure you understand. Human sexual education is quite pointless. You put it in. That's all. The guy gets a hard on and he screws the girl. Enough said.'' Kasey rolls her eyes, licking her bottom lip slightly with another eye roll. ''I can teach this class, which is saying something.''

I bite my lip, refraining from saying anything. So desperately I want to ask Kasey to knock it off - she's going to far, with Mr. Dale. He's an actually decent human teacher. He's the only teacher I actually in general.

''Ms. Lane, I'm not sure what to say.'' Mr. Dale doesn't make eye contact, and by now the petite fertile sitting beside me looks uncomfortable by the anger I'm producing.

''Of course you don't know what to say,'' she snickers. ''You are, after all, only a dumb human. And humans don't know anything - that, Mr. Dale is a fact. And sooner you and your kind understand that, the better.''

Fertiles snicker, nearly all of them. I fight the urge to stick up for Mr. Dale because if I do, it'll only make it worse. I know it will. So I merely sit here, hands balled into fist under the desk steaming with anger I'm sure everyone - including Mr. Dale - feels, but won't mention.

The bell rings, and I'm the first one up. I nearly stumble from leaving so fast, and yet no one notices, and if they do they don't make any attempt at showing it.

The lunch room is buzzing with talk, all of it about what happened in Mr. Dale's room this morning. It bothers me, though I don't let it show - if I do, I know one of the dominates will step in and attempt to play hero with me.

My friend Andy takes my hand, his sort blue eyes only making my anger flare when they usually make me calm. He shakes his head, mane of black of bobbing slightly from all the hair products he puts in it. I nearly smile, until I catch ear of something I'd rather not.

''Lets go fuckin' get that shithead of a teacher.''

My stomach drops. I feel panicky, because everyone knows what happens when a human teacher is replaced and usually, everyone - or close to everyone - likes the outcome. A fertile replaces the last teacher, which means the class goes to Hell from there because fertile teachers do jack shit.

''Andy - '' I furrow my eyebrows, lips twisting into a deep set frown. He shakes his head again, quiet - thinking. ''Mr. Dale is really cool, they can't kill him. I mean, he didn't even do anything!'' Perhaps I'm a bit too loud because peoples head turn, only making it awkwarder.

''Frank, hush.'' Andy sighs, leaning into his arm so his head is resting on his palm. ''I mean, I honestly don't know why you even care - he's just another human. Really, that's all he is.''

I narrow my eyes, standing up as I watch the handful of dominates leave the cafeteria, all talking quietly and smirking devilishly. Andy attempts to say something, but I've already turned my back on him and quietly follow them, making sure to stay far enough behind despite the fact that even if they do catch me, they won't do anything.

They're loud - that's obvious, by the way they double over occasionally after another says something smart. Each time one lets out a laugh, my breath catches because it's obnoxious and sudden - startling, even.

They turn into Mr. Dale's room and I wait outside the door, listening carefully to what goes on.

''You really think you'd get away with this?''

''Pathetic! I don't even know why your disgusting kind is even still around.''

There's laughing suddenly, and then I hear a voice being cleared - I fear it's Mr. Dale, until the ear-piercing cry sounds.

Gasping, I hurry in front of the open entrance to his classroom, finding a bulky, black shaggy haired dominate looming over Mr. Dale, eyes a furious crimson. My stomach churns, and I slap a hand over my mouth to keep from vomiting.

They're all coated in his blood - slimy with it, pale white skin glistening. Tears stick to my eyes, as I look at Mr. Dale. He's so pale - so pale, so dead. A tiny noise - not even a sob, really - escapes my lips.

They all must hear me, because in that split second their heads snap in my direction. I'm shaking my head, not even caring about the scene I'm making - because, why should I? It's not like I can make it any worse for Mr. Dale.

''Monsters!'' I cry, my voice muffled from the hand that still covers my mouth. As soon as they attempt to approach me, confusion laced upon all their faces, I leave - running down the hall, escaping the bloody, horrendous scene behind me.
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I can never make Frank hate humans in my Fertile/dominator stories. What the actual fuck is wrong with me. But then he'll like nearly die and STILL LOVE HUMANS like I'm lame. AND I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE READY FOR A DOUCHE-Y GERARD, because he's gonna be the biggest douche bag in the world in this story.

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