He had made a mistake, but really, could he have said no?

He watched Corinna hurry away from his car, desperately wishing that she had said she would need a ride home as well.

Once she was out of sight, he ran a hand over his eyes, reminding himself that he was at least 10 years older than her. And sure, there were plenty of people in relationships with that very age gap, but that didn’t stop him from feeling like a lecherous creep.

He had never been one to vie for the affections of someone much younger than him, had always been content with the women in his own age bracket.

There was just something about Corinna that he couldn’t get out of his head. She had a face you didn’t want to forget and a smile that could cut through the fog of his own depression.

But she wasn’t a cure. She wasn’t something he could use to make him feel better. And he didn’t want to use her. She deserved better than him, even though the thought of some college frat guy putting his hands all over her made him angrier than he cared to admit.

She wasn’t and never would be his.

He put the car in drive and left the campus, planning to return home. He had had a dentist appointment, which he had now missed, having gone completely out of his way to bring Corinna to her class. He’d have to call and see about rescheduling with some lame excuse of a non-existing family emergency.

Patrick was almost home when he decided to swing by the liquor store he had seen on his way out to the college campus. He needed something to take his mind off things.


He heard car doors close and the sound of laughter. Her laughter, followed by a male voice.

He was currently laying on his bed, still fully dressed, his eyes closed against the spinning room. He opened them up slowly, realizing that it was dark now. He must have fallen asleep for a little bit, the spinning now not quite so bad.

He sat up slowly, heard the laughter again. He got up and went to his bedroom window where he had a decent view of the driveway and front door of the neighbor’s house.

And there she was, Corinna, talking and laughing with a guy who was younger and better looking than Patrick. He was pretty much perfect for Corinna.

He watched them, watched this guy brush some of Corinna’s brown hair behind her ear. Watched him place a hand on her waist, push her against the door. Patrick turned away just as their lips met.

With a sick twist in his stomach, he knew no matter what he told himself, there was no denying that he wished it was him down there with Corinna.