He wasn’t sure he could trust himself anymore.

He had been in the home office, sifting through the box in there, trying to decide if he should just throw away the last remnants of his ex-wife. He was putting everything back into the box when a light switched on in Corinna’s room and he couldn’t help but automatically look up.

He wasn’t surprised when he felt disappointment and something else that made his stomach churn when she pulled that boy who’d brought her home the other night into her room. He stood up, heading toward the door, knowing he should just leave, should not torture himself in that way.

But he turned around anyway, slightly shocked to find that Corinna was fully naked, helping the other guy with his own clothes. He felt his cheeks burn as he took in the shape of her curves and the way her hair fell over her bare shoulders. He watched as she kissed him, pushing him back onto the bed before climbing on top of this typical frat guy who probably wasn’t fully appreciating what he had right this moment.

His hands twitched, and he wished it was his hands on her hips. He looked down, ashamed yet again by his thoughts. He reached up and flicked the light off, determined to leave the room without a single glance backward, but his curiosity was still in control and when he looked out the window again, he was surprised to find that Corinna was looking straight at him.

He stared back, knowing she couldn’t see him there but hoping she could sense him. He knew it was a foolish thought and as she turned her face away from the window, he turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.

He moved toward his bathroom, deciding that a nice long shower would clear his head.


He tried to push thoughts of Corinna out of his head during the week, going through his usual routine. Work kept him almost busy enough, but when he came home he’d see her car next door, or the invitation to the upcoming anniversary party on his coffee table, or the closed door of the office that looked right into her bedroom.

There were reminders of her everywhere, and he longed to see her again. He had stood at the office door several times already during the week, wanting desperately to go in and see if she was in her bedroom.

But somehow, he resisted. He found other ways to distract himself, though not fully. He found himself in the shower often, remembering the glow of her skin and her curves.

He had hopes that after this anniversary party he could go back to his normal life where he didn’t usually interact with Corinna or her parents. He could go back to being alone and miserable, and maybe move on to being a normal adult who didn’t dream about the probably at least 10 years younger girl next door.