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Arranged Redemption


Prince Adar's POV
I was sitting in my room goofing off when i heard the commotion ...

"Hey! What's going on?" I asked one of my brothers who were running thru the halls and down the stairs .

"Hans is home.." Marnin said running down the stairs.

I followed my brothers down to the main dining hall.

Hans told us everything as soon as we arrived. The attempt to seduce the queen and when that failed the princess the attempt to murder them. both and take. over Arendelle... It was. vile the things he did! He could've dragged us all into a major war ..

Radbert our prime minister handed mother a thick. folder ... "Letters. s from the queen,, princess,and prime minister." He said softly .

Mother and Father looked them over "Well the good news is the queen is willing to forgive and forget ... the problem with it is one of you has to marry her. She is 28. Anyone want to volunter?" She asked us.

I thought for a few minutes about what all Hans had said. Ice powers .. Huh? "I'll do it " I heard myself say .
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