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Arranged Redemption

Seasick Dreams and Confused Meetings

Prince Adar's P.O.V.

I have been seasick the entire trip to Arendelle.. The final week however I decided to fast and pray so I did and my seasickness went away however I dreamed every night of the same woman...

She was beautiful with hair the color of frost pale skin. and ice blue eyes. she wore a crown. I was certain this was my fiance. With each passing night I fell more and more in love with her.

When I arrived in Arendelle, a carriage with the royal crest was at the harbor waiting for me ..

I walked over and saw a pretty red-head with blue eyes waiting. I was a bit disappointed.

"Do you bring news from the Southern Isles?" She asked in a regal tone upon noticing the royal crest on my jacket .

"Uh... I mean .. Yes... I do. Are you. Queen Elsa?' I asked working to hide my disappointment.

She laughed. "No, something came up and my sister was unable to meet you, so she sent us." She said. ushering me into the carriage.