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Arranged Redemption

A Little Confusion And An Awkward Explaination

Prince Adar climbs into the carriage and nods to the somewhat squirmy young man who was sitting with the Princess . "This is Christoff." She said simply after regally introducing herself.

She talked a lot the Prince decided glad he wasn't to marry her. not that she was unpleasant he just couldn't get a word in edge wise you know?

After what seemed FOREVER to Adar they arrived at the castle, where he was show to the throne room where Elsa awaited the news.

"Princess Elsa," her sister said formally "the royal messenger from the Southern Isles has returned." She motioned Prince Adar in.

Adar blushed profusely. "Actually.... I'm not a messenger.... I'm Prince Adar of The Southern Isles older brother to that scoundrel Hans. My family was very angry at him for what he did to you, and we were, that is, we are eager to accept your renewed alliance, so i was sent to see if we were compatible... of course i have many brothers and quite a few are even of the right age to marry you, but I volunteered, I wanted to meet you, you see you dealt very well with my difficult brother and were very merciful to him and our. country, you found a peaceful way to make things right. those are qualities I want in my future wife." Adar paused now taking in a room full of suprised faces. "Uh.. if you'll have me that is..." he finnished akwardly looking at Elsa.
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