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Sequel: Family
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Ok so remember a year ago when I was doing this challenge and I stopped 5 days before finished? Yeah? No? So I want to finish the challenge, even if its super late. This is going to be Jalex (Jack x Alex from ATL) and based on the senior (older than they are in real life) promp.

The challenge: “Challenge on Infinite Earths” is a 30-day challenge where you take your favorite ship and place them in various “what if” scenarios and alternate universes. Feel free create artwork, graphics, stories, playlist or anything in between while exploring how different environments could potentially create a new experience for characters. Days:

1. Hogwarts (done)
2. Zombies (done)
3. Medieval (done)
4. Spies (done)
5. School (done)
6. Mythical Creature (done)
7. Fairy Tale (done)
8. Futuristic (done)
9. Aliens (done)
10. Parody of another Fandom (done)
11. Slice-of-life (done)
12. Deserted Island (done)
13. Buddy Cops/Detective (done)
14. Allegiance-Swap (done)
15. Sex-Swap (done)
16. Superheroes (done)
17. Gang (done)
18. Military/War(done)
19. Idols (done)
20. Species-Swap (Animals, insects, etc.) (done)
21. Fantasy (done)
22. Horror (done)
23. Pre-21st Century (done)
24. Apocalypse/Dystopia (done)
25. Children (done)
26. Seniors
27. Family
28. Race-bending
29. Pirates
30. Your Life

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