The Themes of Life

Making History

Calais, Maine
September 2009

Valerie Silverthorne was in awe as she stood in the hallway, leaning against the wall outside of her college classroom after she had hung up her phone.

Ten to twenty minutes.

They were going to be given ten to twenty minutes for their match at the next show. She was still surprised that they had even invited her back! Whether it was Stefanie "Xena" Costas that had put in the good word or whether it was Excalibur, Super Dragon, or any of the other guys that did it, all Valerie knew was that she'd be at the next PWG show going one-on-one with Xena. Their time limit was still undetermined as she was told other matches on the card still had to be worked out and would get more priority but for now it was looking like they'd be getting anywhere from ten to twenty minutes for their match.

After a few more minutes Valerie slipped back into her biology class and into the seat next to Christie, the youngest of the four Silverthorne children. The green eyed Silverthorne gave an inquisitive glance at her elder sister, receiving only a wide smile in reply.


"Oh, c'mon, spill it already! What was that call about?" Christie Silverthorne had not managed a peep out of her sister since she had reentered their biology class with a ridiculously bright smile. Since then they had split up for their final classes of the day before returning to the home their mother had inherited in Calais, the one the four Silverthorne children inhabited during their studies at Washington County Community College. Valerie and Christe currently sat in the dining room with their books open across the table and a kettle of hot water at the center, ready to be made into tea or coffee. "Tell me, please?"

There was a gleam in the Valerie's electric blue eyes as she looked up from her book and answered her sister, "I'm going back to PWG, want to come?"


PWG Against the Grain
Reseda, California
Friday - October 2, 2009

The weekend of October 2nd came quicker than anyone anticipated. Valerie Silverthorne has spent the previous week finishing days worth of homework and extra credit in preparation of leaving the state for the weekend, insuring that her grade would not suffer from missing a day or two. Christie Silverthorne would not have it as hard as her sister as she would be taking most of her assigned work with her to California. The weekend would be spent all in California with Valerie being booked at PWG's Against the Grain on Friday before traveling upstate for shows on Saturday and Sunday, it was during the drives and hours backstage that Christie would do her school work.

Textbook in hand, Christie was accompanying Valerie as she walked into the American Legion Post No. 308 to start getting ready for her second PWG appearance.

"Just stay toward the back and try not to get killed okay?" Valerie looked toward her younger sister as she walked, her Slytherin duffle bag filled with her wrestling gear in its usual place on her right shoulder, "Mom and Dad will never let you come with me again if you die."

The youngest Silverthorne gave a laugh at her sister's exaggeration, "I will try my absolute hardest not to cause a crime scene."

"Please and thank you."


She was nervous, no doubt about it. Not one of her previous matches had ever come close to the ten minute mark much less twenty. Their time slot so far had been brought down to under fifteen minutes including entrances but that hadn't eased the Mainer's nerves. After fixing up her boots and having Christie fiddle with her makeup and hair Valerie stood by the curtain, eyes watching the first bout of the night while her mind wandered to her own upcoming match.

Xena was the undeniable face in PWG so the black-haired beauty would be playing the part of the intruding heel. This was something that wouldn't be a problem for the young Mainer. Between her time in WWE and her recent heel turn in SHIMMER, Valerie was used to playing the heel, it truly came naturally to her because of her bitchy personality. It was a reputation that preceded her. Thankfully it worked to her benefit and helped with her bookings when companies were looking for some good heel power. It's not that she wanted to be seen as a bitch but that's just who she was, why deny something that does her good?

While lost in her musings a hand landed on her shoulder causing her to jump. With a sigh Valerie leaned up against the wall after seeing who it was that had startled her. "Relax, yeah?" Xena took up a spot next to the younger woman. "It's just another match, nothing more."

"Yeah, I know but... I've never gone ten minutes before." The black haired beauty said, looking jealously toward her opponent for the night; jealous of how composed she was.

Before the two women could continue their conversation a voice spoke up from within the backstage area, "I could change that!"

Both Xena and Valerie gave an eye roll. "In a match, Joey! We're not talking sex, quit being your sleazy self for two minutes," Xena called back to the man in question before sending the Mainer an apologetic look. "Not many women get the chance to wrestle for this long, be happy."

"I am, but what if I can't get through it, Xena?"

The Californian quirked an eyebrow at the woman next to her, "How's your cardio?"

With a shrug Valerie replied, "It's good I guess, I run a lot."

"Can you call a match or at least follow calls long enough?" Valerie gave a nod, she could do both though following seemed easier than calling at the time. "Then everything will be fine. You'll be able to pull it off, don't worry so much. Forget the time limit and just worry about getting your moves right, the time will fly by, trust me."


"Don't sweat it," Xena smiled as tightening her headband. "Oh, and I'm going to steal your sister one of these days. Your hair and makeup look fantastic."

Valerie laughed. "Go right ahead! She's all yours."


The opening of Escape the Fate's "As You're Falling Down" sounded through the American Legion as the PWG's last match before the intermission was announced, "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a ten minute time limit. First, making her way to the ring from Eastport, Maine: Valley Silvers!"

Boos were heard coming from the crowd as the 5'6" ravenette walked through the curtain, ignoring any outstretch hands and jerking away from anyone that got too close the Mainer walked the perimeter of the ring before climbing onto the apron. Resisting the urge to flip-off the crowd Valley Silvers climbed onto the nearest turnbuckle and mocking the crowd before hopping into the ring and doing the same on the opposite corner. Choosing to ignore the crowd Valley sat down on the turnbuckle and waited for her opponent.

"And her opponent, from Topanga, California: Xena!" The 22-year-old burst through the curtain to the sounds of The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Can't Stop." With a bright smile Xena ran around the ring, slapping hands as she went stopping as she reached the first corner again, climbing up the turnbuckle and posing before walking along the apron and doing the same on the other two unoccupied corners before returning to the corner opposite her opponent. A final pose and the Californian finally entered the ring, accepting the microphone she was handed as she walked toward the center of the ring her brown eyes locked onto her opponent.

"As the newcomer last month you tried to make a statement by attacking me after you lost the tag team match, and as it turns out you did a good job. You've made it back to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla," Xena paused as a "PWG" chant broke out through the crowd. "Just know that that was the only time you'll ever catch me from behind, Silvers."

Handing back the microphone to the announcer the brunette returned to her corner as Valerie hopped down from the turnbuckle, both waited for the bell.


The match was closing in on ten minutes, the entire time had been filled with back and forth action between the two women, dives on behalf of the Californian and hard hits courtesy of the Mainer. Xena had held an early advantage in the match but following a hard hit to one of the ring posts Valley gained the upper hand. A series of arm drags had left Xena's arm and shoulder almost numb and Valley continued to apply pressure with an armbar.

Fighting through the pain the Californian used her legs to drag herself closer to the ropes, the tip of her boot barely making enough contact with bottom rope to break the hold.

Valley milked the hold for all it was worth, keeping it locked in until just before the five-count. Pushing away from Xena the ravenette stood quickly, going for sharp stomps to the injured shoulder of the Greek woman before lifting her to her feet and giving a short Irish whip into the corner. Talking full advantage of the five-count once more Valley shoved the sole of her boot into Xena's throat, backing up before the count of five and going back at it just as quickly.

Mid-choke the third time around Valley stopped, her eyes zoning in on Christie Silverthorne by the curtain, her eyes narrowing at the red plastic cup in her hand. Lowering her foot and throwing Xena down to the mat the Mainer stormed out of the ring, grabbing the cup out of Christie's hand, reprimanding the young girl before climbing back into the ring.

"That is my sister! Who gave her this?!" she shouted, holding the cup up for everyone to see. "Can't you see she's underage? Bunch of idiots!"

With her opponent stirring on the mat Valley took a quick sip of the contents before throwing the rest in Xena's face, receiving a chorus of boos and a "waste of beer" chant for her efforts. Sneering, the 21-year-old leaned over the ropes, throwing the now empty cup into the crowd before falling backwards into a quick roll-up by the California native. A kickout at two and a roll away showed her Xena's dripping face, anger in her light brown eyes as she lunged at her opponent once more.

A series of grapple exchanges and unsuccessful quick pins was cut sort as the bell rang mid-pin counter, a murmur growing from the crowd at the odd timing of the bell before several started to boo as the two women stopped, clearly just as confused by as them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the ten minute time limit has elapsed, therefore this match is a draw!" Despite a "ten more minutes" chant from the crowd the announcer continued, "We will now be going to intermission."

Both women looked so fired up yet utterly defeated due to their lack of time, arguing with the announcer and referee for more time. Valley was the first to leave the ring, still yelling at everyone and everything as she stormed off back into the dressing room. Xena remained in the ring, looking up at the announce desk and shouting "Ten more minutes next time!" much to the delight of the fans in attendance before finally leaving the ring.


Valerie was on a high as she sat in the back for the first part of intermission, Christie taking care of any possible merch sales for the time being, the main reason they'd pulled their "beer" spot earlier. All of her previous nerves gone at last as she took a drink from her water bottle and wiped the sweat from her face. Xena had given her a quick thumbs up before hurrying back out with her own merchandise for the fans of PWG.

Bracing herself to go back out into the fray the Mainer did a time check on her phone turned, becoming sidetracked in the process as a text message from earlier that night caught her attention.

From: Tyler Black (Colby)
08:23 pm
hey, hope u have a good show 2nite
stay safe

A small smile tugged at her lips as she typed a reply.

Re: Tyler Black (Colby)
11:27 pm
thx... it was good... (:
srry if its l8 4 u...
i kinda feel like i just made history...

Valerie groaned, immediately regretting having sent the text and quickly sent a retraction.

Re: Tyler Black (Colby)
11:28 pm
its such a stupid thing 4 me 2 say...
ignore that...

Her final message was an afterthought, something Valerie didn't even really realize she had sent. Had she, she might have over-analyzed what she'd just done, but considering the night and intermission was almost over her priorities were on her means of living as she ventured back out into the crowd to see if Christie had been able to sell any of her things and put in some more work herself.

The Samsung Sidekick chimed once more before remaining silent in the Slytherin dufflebag for the rest of the night.


From: Valley Silvers (Valerie)
01:28 am
night... <3

Re: Valley Silvers (Valerie)
nite stranger


Topanga, California
Saturday - October 3, 2009

"Thanks for letting us stay the night," Valerie said as she helped Xena set up the sleeper sofa as the younger Silverthorne changed in the bathroom. "Christie wouldn't have been able to stay awake for the drive up north."

"Yeah, of course, you're totally welcome anytime," the Californian replied, laying out the bedding and pillows for her guests. "One wrestler's home is every wrestlers' home, we help each other when we can. I'm just sorry I didn't have more rooms for you two. This place has become the official unofficial sleep headquarters for a lot of the PWG guys."

Valerie dismissed her hostess' worries, "Don't sweat it. This will be fine for us, we're pretty used to being cooped up together at this point. The guys are the ones that need a real bed with how hard they go at it."

"Yeah... I wish they wouldn't some times, but what can ya do?" Xena said with a shrug, knowing full well this was their passion and damned be anyone that tried to change that. A silence briefly fell over the two as they finished setting up the makeshift bed before the Greek woman spoke again. "So um, I gotta ask you: Is it true you have a thing with Hero?"

"Word's gotten around has it?" A twinge of anger sparked in the Mainer's chest at the thought of people prying into her personal business, something for which she didn't want to fault Xena, who she had come to considered her one of her closest friends in the business.

"Kinda. I've heard some rumors, but I also saw how you were around him tonight. How you reacted during his match."

"Well..." Valerie gave a sigh, a faint blush tinting her cheeks as she sat down on the now made bed. "You can definitely call it a 'thing' that I've got with him. It's a weird situation."

The Californian held her hands up in mock defense. "Not judging, you do you. Lord knows I've done my own things... I could have set you two up to room together tonight you know."

The Mainer shook her head furiously, her electric eyes growing wide at the thought, "Christie doesn't know. And I'd like to keep it that way for now."


After bidding goodnight to their hostess the Silverthorne girls settled in together for the night, the sleeper sofa providing a substantial amount more comfort than a car seat would have.

As Valerie began to drift off, a poke to her ribs drove off sleep for the moment.

"What Christie...?" she whispered, her back still facing her sister.

"What don't I know?"

A yawn escaped Valerie as she replied, "A lot of things."

Despite the darkness the youngest Silverthorne rolled her eyes. "Not what I meant. You mentioned to Xena that there was something you didn't want me knowing."

Silence filled the room as Valerie's heart raced. Had that been all she heard? Or had her little sister heard more than she should have?


"I'll tell you when you're older. Now go to sleep before you wake everyone up."
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So this took a whole lot longer than I would have liked. I wanted to try an flesh out the match more but I completely gave up. I can't write a match to save my life, so yeah...

Valerie & Christie Silverthorne, Stefanie "Xena" Costas (c) Me