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Status: Updates will be fast at first because I love writing with new characters :)

The Takeover

It's said that in this land everyone had magik. That everyone coexisted peacefully and there was no discrimination. But that all changed when the light took it all away. For years there was chaos, no one knew how to live without magik. But eventually people learned to cope, and after a few centuries magik was all but a myth. Until random children started being born with odd black birthmarks on their foreheads. They were delicate patterns and shapes that played along their hairlines. They were children born with magic.

But not the mytical magik that could be used to do anything from the moment the user was born. This was magic, a singular gift that was acquired between the ages of 16-20. These children where first called sires, for it was believed they would bring magik back to people of this land. However, everyone who experienced magik and it’s joys have long since died, and people have begun to fear it. Thus came the Guardians, protectors of the people, killers of monsters. Monsters being the 'dangerous' sires and whoever decides to protect them.

But Lana wants to change that.