The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 1)

"Your father doesn't have that long to live. I'm so sorry, Clay," Ylena said full of sorrow. She walked over to Clay, the son of the pack leader. Soon Clay will become the alpha male and leader of one of the last of the werewolf clans. But to be the pack leader, he must find his mate and that's what Ylena was worried about the most. Well that and his father is dying.

"No, I am not ready for him to die just yet. I need to find my mate and that could take years!" Clay argued. Clay had his father's long beautiful dirty-blond hair, beard, and piercing blue eyes. With years of training, Clay now had a very muscled and toned body. He usually wore plaid long-sleeve shirts and worn out jeans, but today he wore a black shirt and new jeans.

"We must hurry and search for your mate now, we shall contact all of the wolf clans in order to find her," Ylena rushed out of the room. Clay rushed after her.

"Wait, what if my mate isn't a werewolf, what if she's human?" He shouted after her. She stopped dead in her tracks. Clay almost ran into her as she stopped.

She turned and said, "Well then we will search for her in the human community, but we must try with the werewolves first." She was about to leave again, but she turned. "Oh, and do not mention this to your father. I promised him I wouldn't tell you how much time he had left," She said, sadly. Clay looked into her eyes and saw the unshed tears in them.

She turned and ran down the hall before Clay could reply to her. He stood in the spot for a while thinking about this father.

"I promise."
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I noticed that the first chapter is very short. Sry about that :/ but trust me when I say it creates suspense and emotion