The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 10)

Nobody talked when our food came to the table. I kept on looking at Chet and sometimes Clay. I felt like freaking out and running out of the restaurant. Chet was a vampire! It did make sense. He's not eating garlic, when he asked my grandmother if he could come in the first time Maia went on a date with him and my grandmother said no; he just hung around, and he never set foot in the small town's church. I guess the whole thing about vampires burning in the sun wasn't true.

If Clay is a werewolf and Chet is a vampire then how can Clay and Chet simply sit there and calmly eat there food? Unless the rivalry between werewolves and vampires aren't true either. I almost knocked the table over when Maia jabbed me in the side.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to show you something Darren texted me. It's so funny," she whispered so nobody, but us could hear. If the stories I read were true that wouldn't matter because Chet's and Clay's powers could probably allow them to hear every word we were saying. I swallowed my food. She showed me her phone. It said:


Aw that sux. Tell Kat to hang in there! XD

Below was a picture of a kitten hanging on a tree. It has the words hang in there. It was hilarious.

"I told Darren about our double date. Isn't he so funny!" she squealed. I giggled at the joke.

"What's so funny?" grumbled Chet.

"Nothing," I glared at him. I didn't care if he was a vampire he was annoying. For a while it was silent until the waitress gave us the receipt as we were getting ready to leave. Chet gave his debit card to her as he put his coat on.

"So, Kat, how's your grandmother?" he smirked. I froze in my place. I should've let Maia stay and hurt him instead of dragging her into the bathroom.

"Chet!" Maia gasped. Clay was ready to hurt him.

"She's fine. How's your nuts?" I asked.

"What?" he asked. Before he could think I kneed his groin. He fell to the floor holding his groin.

"Jerk," I walked over him, walked outside, and waited at Clay's car until Clay and Maia walked out. Nobody said a word as we hopped in the car.

"I broke up with him," is all Maia said. When we got home and out of the car.

"Good riddance," I said as I got my key out of my purse, but it was buried in my purse and I bumped my hand against the journal and it fell out. It opened and was on the tenth page. Clay quickly picked it up before I could grab it. I widened my eyes as he glanced at the pages. He closed the book and handed it to me. I calmly grabbed the book and put it back in my purse and grabbed my keys. Did he read the page? Does he know that I know about him?
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