The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 12)

I knocked on the door and she opened. When she realized it was me she grinned really big. I think I've been starting to get obsessed with her. She was all I could think about last night when I came home. I even dreamed of her.

I decided since we weren't going anywhere to dress like I normally do: plaid long-sleeve shirt and faded jeans. When I looked at her she had her hear up in a pony tail and she wore a long-sleeve grey shirt with a blue scarf, skinny jeans, and matching grey boots. She looked cute in her outfit. Maia on the other hand wore a purple dress with a black belt and matching black heels and purse. That's right she's on a date. Already?

There was a sudden knock on the door. Maia opened it; I was too busy talking to Kat to notice who it was though. Maia wiggled her way between us and grabbed her purse.

"Wish me luck," she whispered so only Kat could hear, but with my werewolf ears I could hear what she was saying. Like yesterday when she was showing Kat a text that Darren sent her, who must be the guy she was going on a date on tonight. Then she left and it was just the two of us.

"So how did Maia manage to get a date so fast?" I asked in amusement.

"This guy started flirting with her around the time she started going out with Chet. At first she was kind of disgusted by it because she was dating, but then when she wanted to break up with Chet, Darren was there and I guess they became friends behind my back," she shrugged.

"So how hungry are you?" she asked grabbing the phone. I shrugged. To be honest I felt like I could eat 3 whole pizzas.

"You don't mind if we share a pizza? Meat lovers'?" she asked dialing the number. I love meat lovers'.

"Perfect," I said. As she started talking into the phone I went into the living room and started looking for movies she had. Some of them I'd never thought she would watch, but then I remembered that she lived with her grandparents so she might not have watched some of them.

"I see you're making yourself at home," she said with her arms crossed. She had that look like she caught me.

"Hope you don't mind. I thought I'd pick a movie while you were ordering, sorry," I said.

"Don't be; I was just kidding. Most of these are my grandfather's movies. You want to go into my room and find movies?" she laughed.

"Sure. Lead the way," I grinned. I was sort of glad when she said those were her grandfather's movies. Some of them were old and cheesy. When we got into her room it wasn't really what I expected. It was a small room with white colored walls, but she had posters of dragons and geeky stuff. She had a bulletin board filled with famous boy band singers and actors, but it had the letters Maia on the top so I was guessing that was hers. There was a small bed with a pillow and about five stuffed animals on top. She also had a vanity with some perfume and makeup on the top. She had a closet which the door was open and she had dresses and shoes in there with a small safe, a box TV, and some video consoles and games.

She sat down on her bed and patted the spot next to her; urging me to sit with her. She leaned forward opened the second drawer to her vanity and as I peered in the drawer I saw hundreds of movies. Over half of them were horror movies, some of them were romantic comedies, and the rest were stand up comedy movies. I already watched most of what she had, but I loved them nonetheless. We really did have a lot in common.

"So what movie do you want to watch? I'm up for anything," she asked nervously. I didn't want to be a pervert and I normally don't do this, but I wanted to pick the scariest movie in her selection so that she would snuggle next to me if she got scared. I searched in her drawer until I found the perfect scary movie.
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I'm giving a small suspense on what Clay is going to choose for a movie. What's it going to be?
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