The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 16)

I had this weird dream where Clay and I went on a picnic in this beautiful meadow. When our lunch was over Clay told me what he was. A werewolf. I tried to tell him I know. I tried to stay calm, but I wasn't in control of my body and I ran. All of a sudden I was in control of my body again and I stopped. When I turned around to try and tell Clay I knew about him and it was okay, but he wasn't himself anymore. He was a wolf. I turned back around and saw Chet. Great, I'd rather run to a wolf than him, but I wasn't in control of my body again. I was in Chet's arms in no time.

"No, let go of me!" I tried to scream, but I couldn't find my voice. Then I felt a pain like no other on my neck and before everything went dark I realized he was biting my neck. He killed me with his fangs...

I woke up so fast. Where was I? On the couch. That's right, I fell asleep snuggled with Clay. What time was it? 6:26 am. I wonder if Clay was awake. I knew he was a werewolf the first day we met, but in these past couple of days I had come to like him I think I wouldn't care if he was one. I think I was falling for him; it sounds crazy, even in my mind. When I was thinking about Clay my phone vibrated. It was Clay; it said:

Hey. R u awake?

I replied:

Yea. What's up?

He answered:

I was thinking we could go on a picnic today.

That's not weird, I have a dream about us being on a picnic and no he wants to go on one. I replied:

Sure. What time will u pick me up?

He said:

6 pm. So that way we can stargaze afterwards

We sorted out all the details. After a while we started texting about other stuff and while I was waiting for replies I decided to read the rest of my grandmother's journal. I was right about one thing. Vampires and werewolves were enemies. As I kept on reading and replying to Clay's texts I realized I could read with ease. All of a sudden I came across a page with a picture. The dairy said that Cyrus and his father were the leaders of the vampires. When I turned the pictures I couldn't believe my eyes. On the left side had a man who looked like he could be in his forties. Underneath had a name I'm guessing was his. On the left was... Chet?! Or should I say Cyrus because that's what it said underneath. No wonder my grandmother never wanted him in the house.

What you reading?" Maia asked, startling me. When did she get here.

"I came back around 10 pm and you were sleeping like a baby so I slept on your bed," she said, "So what are you reading?"

"My old grandmother's recipe book," I lied.


I decided to wear a white sundress that had a deep v with cowboy boots. He decided to wear a white business shirt and dark blue jeans. He drove a truck this time. The car he drove before looked expensive and so did this truck.

"What happened to your car?" I asked.

"I decided to drive a truck today," he said as a lame excuse.

When we reached the field he grabbed a picnic basket. We walked to the top of the hill and sat under a tree. He grabbed the blanket from the picnic basket.

"I only thought picnic baskets were only real in movies," I laughed. We both shared a good laugh and started eating our delicious tuna salad squares. We also ate some strawberries and truffles for dessert. When we were full the sky was turning dark.

"Kat, I have something I need to tell you; I'm finding it hard to say aloud," he said.
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