The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 18)

"She'll be fine as long as she gets her rest. She will be weak for a couple of days and you will need to feed and bathe her," Ylena sighed. I tried to walk past her, but she blocked my way.

"Be very quiet! Do not disturb her slumber," she whispered and got out of the way. I raced to her room and slowly opened the door. I quietly, but quickly ran to her bed. Her face looked so peaceful. I couldn't help, but feel like this is all my fault. Instead of worrying what she'd think of me I should have been worrying about her taking the necklace off. If she wasn't wearing it on our fist date he would have killed her for kicking her in the nuts.

I lifted the chair that was near the window and placed it next to her bed. I slowly grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She whimpered and her face contorted with pain. I could tell she was having nightmares and I felt so helpless. Cyrus was going to pay. With his life, but I was going to make him feel pain before he dies.

In a matter of no time I was fighting sleep off again. I was dozing lightly all the while holding Kat's hand. Every time she would make a noise or move I would wake up again. By the time she stopped having nightmares it was late in the morning. There was a small knock at the door and I slowly opened the door a crack. Naomi was there with a tray of Ylena's soup for Kat and a doggie bag filled with food for me.

"I'll help you feed her," she whispered. I nodded. It took a while because it seemed that Kat didn't want to wake up, but I realized that her eye lids must be heavy.

"Kat," I said softly, "We have some soup for you, please open your mouth."

"Mmh," she slowly, but painfully opened her mouth. I winced. I put a spoon full of soup in her mouth and she ate it. Soon she was eagerly eating the soup. When we were done Naomi pulled me out of the room.

"I know what you're thinking. It's not your fault Cyrus sucked her blood!" she exclaimed.


"No buts," she raised her voice, "You would never let Cyrus intentionally suck her dry! He must have been stalking her and waiting for her to take it off,"

She had a point, but still. I didn't want anything to happen to her. I knew it hurt her a lot when he sucked her blood.

I was going to hunt Cyrus down, but until I do I was going to stay away from Kat...
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