The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 2)

"My grandmother was loving and caring person. Everyone knew her most by her good caramel and chocolate brownies," I said. I looked at my eulogy and then at everyone around me. The funeral had a lot of people here; everyone that she ever met was here.

"She has made an impact on everyone in this room, whether it was to give someone some money when they had none or giving someone a pep talk when that someone was down," I kept on listing all of the things she did that inspired and helped everyone in our small town. I wanted to cry again, but I cried so much I couldn't produce the tears to cry. I noticed that my friend, Maia, was consoling my grandfather. I felt bad to leave him now. A couple of weeks ago my grandmother decided that I was old enough to leave there house and we found a nice apartment that would be easy on my salary. Now that she's dead I can't leave my grandfather just yet.

When I was done I could hear most of the people in the room crying. I sat down next to Maia and after that it felt like a blur. Then it was time to leave.

"Do you want me to stay with you and your grandfather for a couple of days?" Maia asked as we waved off the last of the people. I was glad that she offered and that she was whispering so my grandfather wouldn't hear.

"Only if it's no trouble with you; I don't want to be a bother," I whispered. We started to lock up the church. The pastor walked us all to the door.

"You and I both know that won't be a problem, Kat." she laughed. Kat was my nickname since Katherine seemed so formal. Everyone called me Kat.

We were walking down the steps when I heard someone shouting my name. When I looked up I saw my grandmother's lawyer racing up the steps, suitcase in one hand and documents in the other. As he was running he waved the documents back and forth; high in the air.

"Hi, I'm Jon Sanders, Mrs. Jacobsen's lawyer. I need to speak to you, Katherine. It's about your grandmother's will. Please follow me to my office," he said as he turned. I looked at both my grandfather and Maia, shocked. I followed Mr. Sanders as fast as I could in my black high heels.

Once we got in his car we were at his office in no time. As I walked in the first thing I noticed was that it reminded me of a hospital. The walls were white and the air smelled fake. He took me through a couple of hallways before we stopped in front of his office. He took his key and unlocked the door. When you walked in you could see that the walls were grey and a plant here and there.

"I thought we took care of the will," I said. He sat down and flipped through a few pages of the will. He then loosened his tie and handed me a page of the will.

"Ms. Jacobsen, I'm sorry, but when your grandmother and I went through the will she specifically told me to make a meeting in private with you and give you the stuff she wanted you to have. She said these things are personal and does not want anyone to see them," he stated. I looked at him in surprise. Then he got up and left the office. I read through some of the will I was handed and sure enough it states we were to have a secret meeting. Before I could read anymore Mr. Sanders comes back in with a box.

"She wanted you to have enough money to have your own place and maybe even start college so she wrote a check in your name for $500,000, here is the check, please put it in your purse," he handed me the check. Grandmother had this kind of money? I wondered as I put it in my wallet.

"Next she wanted you to wear her old necklace that she always wore. She wants you to wear it as much as you can," he handed me the necklace. This was the necklace she always wore. It was a golden moon with a piece of blue diamond in it.

"And finally, she wanted you to have this journal. She does not want anyone reading it, except for you, so try and keep it from prying eyes. Not even your grandfather can read it," he said, sternly. All of this was so much, but I nodded and put it in my purse. Once he was done explaining what to do I put the necklace on. I wonder what's in the journal? I pondered.

"Do I need to give you a ride home?" he asked. I nodded. I couldn't wait to crack open the journal and read what it has to say.
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