The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 20)

When Ylena finished making tea she poured it into three cups for all of us and two brownies. She put it all on a tray and gave it to me. I slowly walked out and knocked lightly on Clay's door.

"Come in," he sighed. I slowly opened the door. He was in the corner looking at papers, sitting near a desk. He looked up and sighed. I placed the tray on his nightstand and took a brownie and Ylena's tea.

"Ylena told me you might want some tea too," I quietly said.

"Thanks," he said blandly and turned.

"Please don't avoid me," I begged. I was on the verge of tears.

"Why don't you go back to your cooking," he said stiffly. I accidently let a tear fall down my face, but I didn't care.

"No!" I snapped, "It wasn't your fault that Cyrus attempted to kill me, you know that right?"

He turned. At first he looked mad, but then when he saw that I was crying he looked sad too. He shook his head.

"I should've never let you take off your necklace; it is all of my fault," he murmured. When he realized I wasn't leaving, he pushed back his chair and turned towards me.

"Please respect my wishes and leave," he points towards the door. I averted his fiery glare and grabbed my tea and brownie and left. When I shut the door I let out a cry. I don't care if anyone heard me. He just broke my heart and it didn't seem like he cared. I leaned against the wall and let myself slide to the floor. I set down my tea and my brownie and put my head between my knees and quietly sobbed.

I heard the kitchen door open and then I heard footsteps coming closer. I felt a hand rubbing my back and I welcomed it. When I calmed down I looked up and saw it was Ylena.

"Come with me," she said. I wiped my face and followed her quietly. We walked down the stairs and went out the back door of the castle. Outside was beautiful. It was a garden filled with amazing flowers! There was a man near the bushes clipping them into beautiful pieces of art. When Ylena saw I was looking at the gardener she smiled.

"That is Alex. He loves to take care of this garden," she said, "Look, I know what you're thinking, but your wrong. Clay does care for you really much. He doesn't think he deserves you. He poured himself out to you and you got hurt. The same thing happened when he was little with his mother, except his mother... didn't survive."

"What happened?" I gasped.

"One day little Clay was visiting the human world and when they got back he told her he loved her so much and then a vampire killed her right in front of his eyes. After that he never told anyone his true feelings, until you came along, that is," Ylena said. We stood in silence for a while. Alex waved and walked over.

"You must be Kat, I'm Alex," Alex beamed, "I would shake your hand, but you'll probably get them dirty."

"That's ok," I smiled.

"I heard rumors of your beauty and they are all true," he said. He found a flower and plucked it. He walked over and carefully put it in my hair as I blushed. We talked about the little things for a while as Ylena kept quiet.

"I have to go, but I'll see you at the party?" he asked. I nodded and smiled.

"See you then," he smirked and left.

"As I told you before Clay does care for you," Ylena said as if nothing interrupted our conversation. I shook my head in disbelief. She came closer to me and pointed to a window.

"If he doesn't care for you then why was he watching you this whole time?" questioned Ylena. I squinted and saw that Clay was watching us through the window. He looked more than mad. Jealous? Maybe.


I didn't want to make Kat cry, but I needed to find where Cyrus was and I needed to do this for her. When she left my room I heard her cry. I could smell her from the other side of the wall and I knew she was crying. Then I heard Ylena say to follow her. Where were they going? I sighed and went to the window. The garden seemed extra beautiful today.

That's when I saw Ylena and Kat talking. I stared at them while they were talking, respecting them by not using my powers to eavesdrop. Then Alex came over an introduced themselves and I couldn't help, but listen. Alex was flirting with Kat and Ylena was just standing there and watching it happen! It made me more than mad. When he left Ylena pointed at me. Kat looked up and saw me. Showed how mad I was and left the window.

A little bit later when I heard Ylena and Kat I opened the door quietly and saw Kat was laughing and Ylena was giggling. Kat went into the kitchen, not taking notice that I was watching. I pulled Ylena in my room and shut the door.

"How could you let Kat flirt with Alex?" I demanded.

"I didn't let her do anything. If anything, you drove her to it," Ylena glared. I growled.

"If you would open your eyes and ears for just one second you would notice that Kat never blamed you for anything. She begged you to stop avoiding you; what did she do to deserve the way you're acting towards her? Nothing, you broke her heart," Ylena growled back. She opened the door and slammed it behind her.

I thought about what Ylena said. She was right. I was acting like a child, but I only wanted to capture Cyrus and make things right. Kat didn't care about that; she only want to be with me. I guess Cyrus' dream he forced on me got to me. I planned to beg Kat for her forgiveness at the party tonight and if she doesn't forgive me I'll understand.
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