The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 21)

"Welcome, everyone to the Forte Lupum castle!" Ylena shouted. People cheered. The party was a little more on the classy side than anything, but some of the music made me think otherwise. I walked over to Naomi, glad that she told me to wear a red spaghetti strap dress that was just above my ankles with red butterfly cut-outs stiletto high heels.

"Thanks again for letting me borrow your clothes," I whispered.

"No problem," she smiled, "How do you like the party so far?"

"It's classy, but with todays music, you know?"

"Yeah I do. Ylena loves hosting parties like this."

"Speaking of which, why are we having this party?"

"For you. Ylena figured you would be healthy in no time and Clay is becoming alpha male soon too," she cocked her head.

I followed her gaze and found Clay had came into the room in a black tuxedo. He spotted me immediately and started to walk towards us. He probably wanted to speak to Naomi. I cringed.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom," I murmured and set down my drink. I went into the crowd of people and found the bathroom. I heard Clay ask why I'd left as I opened the girls bathroom. I waited there for a couple of minutes. I wondered if I'll ever go back to my house again. If I'll ever be able to talk to my grandfather or Maia again. All of a sudden I felt like a prisoner in a cell. I needed to get out of here!

I began to feel claustrophobic in this spacious castle and hurried out of the bathroom. I started breathing hard and turned around. I started backing up and accidently bumped into someone. I turned to apologize when I realized it was Alex.

"Sorry," I murmured. I tried to walk away, but Alex grabbed my wrist.

"Are you okay Kat? You don't look so good," he said.

"I... need... to... get out of here!" I said. People start to look at us funny.

"Here, maybe a dance with me will calm you down," he gently said while putting his glass down. The song was a waltzing song and after a while I calmed down. We danced to three different songs, two of them techno songs and one disco song before we decided to take a break. Naomi came into view with two punch drinks in her hands.

"Here you guys go. Hey, you mind if I borrow Kat?" asked Naomi. Alex nodded and walked off.

"Dude, your making Clay totally jealous!" exclaimed Naomi. This made me frustrated.

"I don't care! He wants me to leave him alone and now he wants me to stay away from other people? That's not fair!" I shouted over the music.

"It's not like that!" shouted a familiar voice behind me.
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