The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 23)

After a while people stopped bugging us. Not that I wasn't annoyed by the attention, I just wasn't used to it. We both danced the night away. Dancing was different with Clay. I was nervous because I wanted him to like my dancing. After a while the song changed into a dirty song; I'm pretty sure it was by Lil Wayne. Some of the older people left the dance floor while all of the younger ones stayed and started grinding each other. My cheeks were on fire. We were the only ones who weren't grinding each other. When Clay saw the look on my face he hesitated.

"We can take a break if you want," he yelled. I shook my head. Slowly we joined them and starting grinding and after a while it started to get fun. By the end of the song we were sweating and almost everyone got off the dance floor to get a drink.

"You were great out there; I could barely keep up with you," Clay said with a gleam in his eyes. I blushed once more.

"I guess I got into the song," I said shyly. He laughed. We both were panting. That was once of the last songs before most of the people left. The only ones that were left were from Forte Lupum and helped tidy things up a bit and went to bed. Clay went to help take the banners and pay the DJ off while I helped Naomi with bowls and utensils. We had the party on the first floor and the kitchen was on the third floor and there was a lot of stairs.

"Thanks for helping me you guys," Naomi said to Ylena and I. We both nodded.

"I think I left some extra brownies downstairs, I'll be right back," she said quickly. When I knew she had left I turned to Naomi.

"Can I ask you a question and get an honest answer?" I asked.

"Shoot," she said, dumping dishes in hot water. I grabbed a dish rag to dry with and help her.

"Alex and I were talking and he said something about me being Clay's mate. I asked him if mate meant girlfriend or boyfriend, but he didn't explain. Can you explain it for me?" I pleaded. She stopped washing the dishes and slowly looked at me. She looked like she was contemplating whether to tell me or not.

"Look, we're like totally best friends now, right?" I nodded, "And I would love to be the one to tell you, but this is something you should talk to Clay about."

I didn't push any further. She was right. All I had to do was ask Clay himself. He never lied to me, except the werewolf thing which is an exception.

"Speaking of which, I talked to Alex. He told me you had a little panic attack, is that true?" she asked. I nodded. I went silent, not wanting to say anything. I'm sure Alex told her everything anyway.

"Sorry to interrupt, but Clay wants you to help him with something really quick," Ylena pointed at Naomi. When Naomi left Ylena took her place by washing the dishes.


I asked Naomi to come downstairs so I could ask her if she knew why Kat was acting so weird after talking to Alex. After she got into dancing she started to act like herself again. When Naomi came down I walked straight towards her and pushed her into the girl's bathroom and locked the door behind me.

"Oh right here and now; people are right outside," she said teasingly while posing. I shook my head.

"Quit it with the jokes. I have some questions you need to answer," I ordered. She became very serious.

"Before you go asking me questions there is something you should know,"

"I'm all ears,"

"Apparently when Kat left to go to the bathroom and because you were ignoring her she started panicking and bumped into Alex. He calmed her down by dancing. Later on when she spoke to Alex he told me she thanks him for calming her down and explained by saying she felt caged and didn't know if you would let her see her grandfather again or someone called Maia," she spilled. I blinked. Of course I would let her see her family, but that might change after I become alpha male.

"Thanks for informing me. First question: She was with Alex at the time; I'm guessing when she said thanks for calming him. Did he say anything to make her feel... uncomfortable?" I asked. She thought for a while.

"Ah, you know what, you'll figure that out later. Before you get mad at me you should have, oh I don't know, mention it when you told her about being a vampire?" she sassed.

"Fine!" I growled, "Second question: Where are we going to let Kat sleep? I mean, I want her to sleep in my room, but do you think it might be too soon?" I wondered. She looked at me and then started laughing her ass off. She went to the bathroom door and unlocked it. I grabbed her before she could leave.

"You sound like a teenage boy where's the confident guy I know! Look just be confident and tell her she is going to sleep in your room and that's final," she wiggled her way out and left.


Watching Kat and Clay making up at the party made me want to throw up. I gave my all to tear them apart and this is what I get? I sent 'him' to force the dreams they both had, I had 'him' try to kill Kat, and I had 'him' use his powers to get Clay agitated so he could drive Kat away. If 'he' wouldn't have been so immature and go against my wishes and send Clay's father, Rollin, to his deathbed. I didn't need him dead yet and Rollin was mine to kill. Plus it also fudged up my plans with ending this stupid war with the werewolves against the vampires. It's a good thing I could tweak my plans. The werewolves will go extinct once I'm done with them...
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