The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 25)

"What's with the face?" Naomi asked startling my thoughts.

"Clay told me about the rituals," I muttered.

"What's the problem?" she asked me.

"Humans don't do this type of thing. This isn't something I'm used to; it's so... scary!" I shook.

"Well I guess I can see your point, but if you don't do this innocent people can die," she reminded me. I groaned.

"This is so stressful! By the way, I was going through the stuff that he brought back and I noticed my sundress wasn't in there," I said not wanting to hear the clear answer of what happened to it.

"I'm sorry, Kat, Cyrus got your blood all over it, we couldn't wash it out," she informed me.

"It was such a good sundress," I groaned. And at such an awful price.

"Never wear white," I could hear my grandmother say, "You can get dirty so easily!"

"What's Clay's meeting about?" I said changing the subject.

"Something with the vampires again. He sent out spies earlier this week to the land of vampires," she stated.

"Are we in the land of the werewolves?" I asked sarcastically. She nodded seriously.

"Wait, seriously?" I asked. She nodded again.

"You want to go and eavesdrop on there meeting?" she asked. I shrugged.

"What if we get caught?" I asked.

"You are the mate of the future alpha male, if anything you should be at that meeting," she dragged me out of the kitchen. We walked up the stairs.

"I didn't know there was a fourth floor," I whispered.

"Yeah, I didn't show you because Ylena ordered me not to. She wanted you to know about the rituals before you got into anything further that might make your brain 'explode'" she exaggerated.

We got quiet when we neared the room. The door was open a crack so it was easier for us to hear. We listened in.

"Well spit it out!" we heard Clay shout.

"Well that's just it, sir, there isn't really anything to spit out," one of the spies told him.

"What do you mean?" Clay asked.

"There was nothing, but an empty den. When we got there the vampires were gone!" I heard another spy say.

"What?!" I heard that voice that told Clay to hurry up say in shock.

"Where could they have gone?" Clay wondered. I thought about it. I sure didn't know Cyrus, but I sure did know Chet. His so called father was so stinking rich he had the size of a city for his property, not to mention his mansion. It was strangely so far out of town and isolated I wondered why Chet's father even had it, but now I do. I've been in his mansion at least four or five times. Chet even paid Maia and I to watch the place so they could go on there business trip in peace.

"I know where Che--- I mean Cyrus is!" I explained. I heard Naomi gasp behind me. I heard her mutter something like you're such an idiot behind my back and I was mentally face palming myself for her true statement.

"What are you doing here?" Clay asked surprised.

"You, a human, would know where the werewolf killer, Cyrus is?" the guy that told Cyrus to hurry up skeptically said.

"Yes," I stood up for myself, "I knew him before I knew Clay. He used to be my best friend's boyfriend. We all used to go to his mansion and it's huge, I'm not going to lie. Not like mansion size huge more like we can fit about one hundred people huge,"

"How many times have you been there?" the guy asked.

"Come on, Will, don't think what your thinking!" he said, confusing me.

"I know my way around," I said.

"Good! I think I have an idea!" Will excitedly said. Clay shook his head.

"No, we are not using her as bait! I'm not going to lose her again!" Clay demanded. He threw his fist down at the table.

"I didn't know you could still love," Will joked. Clay looked at me intently.

"She's my mate, I'd do anything for her," he said these words to Will, but we all knew he meant them towards me. I felt my heart swell up with joy at his words. A lump began at my throat.

"Then we have no plan, but we know where they are hiding at? Good work, Clay," Will sarcastically, "We might as well not even know where it is!"

"Anyone else," Clay demanded, "We're not sending a human into a vampires den!"

"She has experience and what if we send her friend, his ex, along? Don't you think he wont that in front of her?" Will argued.

"Anyone else," was all Clay said as he walked out the room. I looked at Will.

"I want to help," I said determined.


"So, are you ready to go see your family?" Clay asked as I walked into the room.

"What now?" I asked flabbergasted. He nodded. I searched his eyes and I saw that he was giving me the same look he was giving me when he said those painstakingly romantic words. I'd do anything for her.

He opened the door right as Naomi was about to knock. She looked at me. I mouthed the words: we're going to my home. She looked back at Clay.

"Can I tag along wherever you guys going," she asked. Clay looked back at me suspiciously. I shrugged.

"You've haven't been in the kitchen a lot," he crossed his arms and raised his eye brows. She shrugged.

"I need a little break. Lucas has today's meal covered," she smirked.

"Fine," Clay walked passed her. Naomi looked at me and winked.

We walked to his car which was the car that he drove the first day. It took about a half an hour with the speed he was going. When we left the Forte Lupum's land it was like a barrier that we passed. Clay explained to me it was to protect them from humans and vampires. Mostly vampires. I texted Maia the way there. When we got to the porch I ran to the steps and knocked on the door. Maia opened it. She hugged me.

"Where's Grandfather?" I asked. She gave me a look.

"Where do you think? He's out gambling. He told me to housesit for him," she shook her head. She looked at Clay and smiled, but frowned when she saw Naomi.

"Oh, this is Naomi, Clay's sister," the lie was too easy. At least it wasn't a full on lie. They shook hands.

"I've heard so much about you," Naomi smiled. That was true. Maia smiled back.

"Well come in, your grandfather will be home any minute," she said.

"Hopefully not with his pockets empty," I muttered as I walked passed Maia. She giggled. I'm sure she thought she only heard that retort, but when I looked at Naomi and Clay saw it and were hiding there giggles.

We all sat down in the living room. Maia updated me on everything, but she mostly talked about her new boyfriend. I would glance at Naomi and Clay. They seemed interested about Darren.

"You know, I didn't want to call you out on this what with Clay and his sister here and you're leaving again," she paused and looked towards them. When we were texting one of the things I told her was that this was a visit and I would be going to meet Clay's parents. Another white lie. I nodded for her to continue, not knowing what it was.

"I found this," she held up a piece of paper. It was...
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