The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 27)

I waited like a fool until I saw headlights of Kat's grandfather's old pick up truck. When he told me Kat's car just left I quickly hit the road and caught up to her. I was furious that she would leave without me, which only meant one thing: Kat was going to Cyrus' mansion with Maia and Naomi. Will must have told her to do it.

When they parked near the house I parked far away from them as I could without being spotted. I got closer to the mansion and heard Kat give an excuse that she left her jacket on the third floor. I went around the back and found Isaac's balcony. I used my werewolf strength to jump and grab the railing. I barely had it, but I easily pulled myself up. I walked cautiously in Isaac's room. I went behind the door because I heard someone coming.

Kat opened the door. This really made me mad. I stepped out of my hiding place.

"What are you doing?" I crossed my arms. She turned around in surprise.

"Clay?" she whispered.

"Why would you do this? I told Will not to let you do this; after what I said why would you defy me?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Will was right. This was our best option if we don't want the war to continue," she said determined.

"Well Kat long time no see," Isaac walked casually in. My heart stopped. Kat told me she knew Cyrus, but she never told me about Isaac. If he were to feel hungry or just have the need to kill he could have easily sucked Kat dry.

"You know Isaac?" I questioned.

"What are you two doing in here?" Isaac smirked.

"As I told your son I was trying to look for my jacket, but we got turned around; it's such a big mansion," she was really good at lying which made me wonder if her fight with Maia was real or not. When we get back I was seriously going to yell at her.

All of a sudden we heard glass breaking from downstairs then a feminine scream. Isaac turned his head and Kat suddenly stabbed Isaac when he went to turn back. It was a wooden stake and it hit his lung. He hit the floor easily and started coughing up blood. I grabbed the wooden stake.

"Don't look," I demanded. She understood and turned as I pulled the stake out of his lung and rammed it into his heart.

"This is all your fault, Cyrus. My plan would've worked if you wouldn't have sent Rollin to his deathbed!" he coughed. He turned into dust as Kat turned around. I hugged her quickly and grabbed her hand and we walked out.

We ran down the steps to find out what happened. There was dust everywhere. Kat dragged me to the living room and we saw blood. It was Naomi. She looked pale. Maia was passed out, but she wasn't bleeding. I went to Naomi and searched for her pulse. She barely had one.

"How..." a voice said. I looked up to see Cyrus standing behind the couch.

"How are you still alive. I thought your father turned you," I said. Vampire clans and werewolf clans had two different rules. We aged slowly, but we still grew old which meant when the alpha male died a new one would rule with a mate. Vampires on the other hand, never aged. It was rare to see a new leader to a vampire clan and usually if you were the leader to a vampire clan you were usually the one who turned every single vampire in your clan. Any werewolf was allowed in Forte Lupum. That's what made us different.

"He's not my real father," Cyrus muttered. He looked to be in a state of shock so I took the opportunity to call Ylena and advise she come quick.

"What are we going to do about Cyrus. Are you going to..." she didn't say the rest. I knew what she meant.

"No. I killed the person who was supposedly his father. He's in shock right now and I'd say I've done enough," I shook my head.

"Why did you have to do this?" I asked. She kept quiet, "Naomi is going to die if Ylena doesn't hurry up,"

We were waiting in the kitchen. I slammed my fists on the counter enraged. No one spoke until Ylena came with some minor healers. She used her powers to stop the bleeding and almost completely heal her. She came to us afterwards.

"We've easily healed her, but she was bitten by one of the vampires," Ylena said. My eyes widened.

"So what if she was bitten by a vampire?" Kat asked.

"A vampire bite is like poison to werewolves. Only time will tell whether she lives or not. Let's hope she's strong," explained Ylena. I saw the look in Kat's eyes and I hugged her. I whispered something on the lines of it wasn't your fault in her ear. She shivered. Naomi was strong. I knew someway or another she was going to live. The minor healers took them home along with my car. I drove asleep Kat and the unconscious Maia home. I carried Maia onto the couch and then came back for Kat and carried her to her bed. I was going to sleep on the floor, but Kat stopped me.

"No don't. Please sleep with me," she lazily grabbed my arm. I slipped under the covers with her.

"I'd do anything for you," I whispered in her ear. She moaned. Tonight felt like a blur, but tomorrow the realization would hit me like a storm. I killed the vampire leader of the clan we were in war against. Sure there were more vampires out there, but it was over. The werewolves were saved thanks to us, but at what cost?
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