The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 28)

It was a couple of days after Clay and I killed Isaac. Naomi was healing poorly from the bite, but she was alive. Ylena said it was a close one. Naomi weakly smiled and told me not to blame myself, but how could I not. If I'd just listened to Clay and done nothing she would be okay, except the war would still be going and who knows how many werewolves that would be dead right now. Clay's been so busy with the aftermath of winning the war that the only time we get to see each other is late at night.

I visit Rollin everyday whether he's awake or not and he's been nice to me. He'd tell me stories of when Clay was really young including all of his embarrassments. Ylena would always check in on us to see how Rollin was doing. Ylena pushed me aside to talk to me.

"How long?" I asked vaguely.

"Two, maybe three days tops," Ylena said, "Naomi's doing better."

"How do you know?" I asked.

"She is getting up and walking around. I hope your not still blaming yourself for what happened to her. You know what your grandmother would say?" she asked.

"Not to blame myself," I recited, "But how can I not?"

"She knew what she was getting into and it was stupid for Will to tell you a plan like that. Not only could you have been hurt, you could've been killed. Will's lucky that Clay is his childhood friend," Ylena shook her head. She walked into the kitchen. Ylena was Naomi's replacement for the time being. Ylena was a good healer, but her cooking skills could use a little work. I went back into Rollin's room.

"You should go into the kitchen and make supper for all of the werewolves sakes," Rollin coughed. He made me leave and I went into the kitchen and told Ylena that Rollin needed help. I put on Naomi's hat and apron and I shooed all of the cooks out. It was still morning and I wasn't going to do anything after this so I thought I'd better make it last.

I decided to make steak cutlets that had onions, chives, and mushrooms that is lightly seasoned, with a side of homemade potato soup, and pre-made biscuits with Jello chocolate pudding. I even set the table and put all of the food on everyone's plate. I had about an hour to spare and I was exhausted and sweating. The only thing left I had to do was get the pudding out of the fridge and make Rollin's tea.

"Ylena I need that tea for my fa--" Clay walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.

"I traded my job with Ylena. Here's your father's tea," I put his cup on the tray and handed it to Clay.

"Where is everybody?" Clay asked.

"I had nothing to do today so I made super myself," I said grabbing the pudding, "How's things doing on your part?"

"Good. Things are starting to finally slow down. I decided to visit my dad," he said starring at the pudding, "Did you say you made supper yourself?"

"Yep. I don't want to sound rude, but Rollin made me take over Ylena's cooking because she isn't the greatest cook. I hope you'll like it," I said shyly.

"Your brownies are good. I bet your cooking is good too," he said kissing my cheek. I blushed both at the kiss and the compliment. He chuckled and stuck his finger in my pudding. He sucked the pudding and winked at me. I playfully slapped his arm.

"I didn't make a lot so stop snacking on it," I giggled. I grabbed glass bowls and started to divide the pudding up.

"You look a little tired. I can take over this easy peasy; go take a shower," he said. I smiled and gave him the apron and hat. He looked so silly that I giggled before I left the kitchen. I took a quick shower and grabbed some comfy skinny jeans and a tank top with layers of black lace.

I was a little late by the time I got downstairs to eat. Everyone was already at the table eating at there food and complimenting it. The table was a long rectangular shaped and could fit every werewolf in Forte Lupum. Clay sat at one end and I sat at his left while Ylena sat at his right. The other end of the table was empty. I figured out a while ago that spot was for Rollin.

Even Naomi, who was making baby steps, sat in her regular spot. She smiled at me and ate her food. Everyone had a smile on there face, unlike yesterday when Ylena tried to feed us her roasted chicken. Clay was lucky he wasn't there to eat it.

"This is good," one werewolf shouted.

"I agree," another one said. I glanced at Clay who was eating his steak. He looked up at me and winked.

"Did you make this?" one of the werewolves said to Ylena.

"No," she shook her head, "Clay's mate did."

Everyone stopped eating and starred at me. I suddenly became really nervous. Even Naomi was starring at me.

"Didn't you make the brownies to?" Alex asked with a wink. He knew I did. I nodded shyly. Every one went back to eating and I couldn't help, but eavesdrop. They were all complimenting me on how I looked now and what I looked on that day of the party, and the brownies and tonight's supper. By the end of dessert people were shuffling out of the dining room and patting me on the back.

"Wow, the way they're talking I should just let you take my job," Naomi joked. I giggled and Clay laughed.

"Where's everyone going so soon?" I asked.

"Tonight's a full moon. You know what that means," Ylena butted in the conversation.

"Look I want you to stay in the castle tonight no matter what. We get a bit crazy after we... change," Clay cringed.

"You and I can hang out with Rollin in his room," Naomi suggested.

"But wont you change too?" I asked.

"Not with vampire venom still in my blood," Naomi shook her head.

"We need to go; we can't be late," Ylena said to Clay. He nodded in agreement.

He gave me a loving kiss and left. Naomi snickered at us as we walked to the stairs. I knew why and I didn't care. As we walked the stairs to the third floor I thought about how close the ritual was. Ylena said that Rollin had two or three days left. Ylena also said that we had to perform the ritual on the day that he died. Ever since we killed Isaac I've felt better and better on the idea of going through the ritual. I think I was starting to really fall for Clay and hard. We hadn't done anything yet, but we've come close.

"I have to go to the bathroom," I said, "Meet you there?"

She nodded. I went into Clay's room to his bathroom. I splashed some water on my face. I always dreamed of getting married, but never thought I was ready. My previous boyfriend, Tony, seemed like he was the one. He had to move because his sister was getting a divorce and she needed comfort. He broke up with me for that and I thought I was going to be at least a little bit sad, but I was totally fine.

This felt right with Clay. I remember him telling me that he would even give me a wedding. I want him to and I think he knew that.
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