The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 29)

I walked lazily to Rollin's room. I walked in and saw that both Naomi and Rollin were asleep. Naomi was sleeping in a chair next to Rollin who, as usual, was sleeping on the bed. I put the covers on him and walked to the window. Some of the werewolves had already turned. They were beautiful. I loved wolves.

Most of them were a range of similar looking colors from brown to reddish brown and gray to silver. The last of them came out of the castle. One was white and the other fully black. Those two were the most beautiful of them all. It seems like they had the most grace and elegance out of them all.

"You admiring my son?" Rollin asked. I jumped. He usually was asleep.

"I was admiring the black and white wolves down there," I blushed.

"That black one is Clay and the white one is Ylena," he coughed. I quickly turned around to see if he was okay.

"I'm fine. Could you go in the kitchen and heat some of Ylena's tea," he asked. I nodded. I was quick on my feet to grab and heat some tea. I spotted the tray and rushed back to Rollin's room.

"Kat," he motioned me over, "I just wanted you to know that the time I spent with you was the best. I hope the best for you and Clay. Oh, and tell Clay to be happy and tell him I love him."

He closed his eyes and smiled. I could tell he stopped breathing. I dropped the tray and ran before I could think. Rollin is dead.


Ylena and I got to the first floor in the back and we quickly turned. We were the last ones out. It felt good to run around the garden. Everyone was about ready to go to the forest when we heard a crashing sound. We all turned to look to see where it came from. The only light that was on was my father's room. We then heard Naomi shout Kat's name. Whatever this was wasn't good.

"You coming?" Will growled. I nodded slowly. I jogged to the forest with the rest.

"Clay!" I heard Kat shout my name. I turned slowly. I growled; I told her not to come out of the castle no matter what. What could she possibly want?

"Clay!" she huffed, "It's your father... he's dead!"
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