The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 31)

It was weird; I no longer felt uncertain for my love with Clay. It's kinda like he said to me when he explained me about the how the ritual would make you feel. Everything seemed more clear. I loved Clay and the way I lived was the only reason I was afraid to love him. Being raised differently I felt uncomfortable at the thought of me loving Clay and rushing things that I felt so scared, but now I wanted to love him.

As he carried me to his room I wrapped my arms around his neck. I started kissing his neck and his cheek and then his lips. He stopped to kiss me back and then hurried to his room. He threw me on his bed and tackled me. I could hear him thinking too.

"I love you so much," he thought. The expression on his face was serious. I touched his cheek, no longer afraid.

"I love you too," I thought back. I was serious too. He kissed me slowly. He trailed kisses from my mouth to my neck and then my shoulder. He bit into my dress strap and pulled it down with his teeth. He did the same with the other strap. He slowly, but sensually pulled my dress down. He focused on my breasts and it felt good. I moaned.

"Mmm," he moaned in approval. After a while he attempted to take his clothes off and I helped him. We caved into our animal selves and made love for what seemed like hours.


We chatted the rest of the night away and snuggled. I yawned. He chuckled.

"You can go to sleep if you want," he said, "No one is going to expect us anytime soon anyway."

I smiled, "Can I tell you something before I do fall asleep. I have a secret. I haven't told anyone this; the only one who knows is Maia,"

He realized I was trying to tell him something important because his head snapped up at me. He nodded. I leaned against the headboard.

"The reason my grandparents took care of me was because my parents were drunk pill popping abusers," I said. Clay was quiet for a moment. He became enraged.

"What happened to them?" he said in a calm tone.

"Child's support came and took me away. They almost took me to a foster home, but my grandmother talked the girl into letting me move with my grandparents. We moved to the small town we lived in now. My parents live in a trailer court somewhere in Philadelphia," I said. He nodded. I could almost see the fire in his eyes.

"Don't get me wrong I hate them, but I'm glad I lived with my grandparents and I don't care about them anymore. Please don't be mad for me," I grabbed his arms. His tone gentled when he felt my touch and hugged me. We stayed like this until we both fell asleep.
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