The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 32)

By the time I woke back up Clay already left. He left a note saying that he had some more business about vampires and that he would meet me in the ballroom on the first floor in the afternoon for a 'secret' lunch. It seemed like forever.

"So how's Clay in bed?" Naomi flat out said. I choked on my breakfast. She put a spoonful of scrambled egg in her mouth with an innocent look on her face. Ylena chuckled while reading her newspaper.

We sat in the dining room on the first floor. It had a simple gothic look to it today. Comparing the castle to my grandparent's house was out of the question. Even though my grandparent's house was small, warm, and cozy the castle was even more warm and cozier, not to mention beautiful. I could so get used to living here.

"In all honesty, he was... amazing," I said breathlessly. Naomi giggled.

"Maybe we should take a visit to the garden?" I said changing the subject. Both of the girls became silent.

"We can't. Alex doesn't allow people to walk through his garden in the morning sometimes. I don't know why; he just does," Naomi said, taking another bite of her egg. She didn't look at me when she said this so it made me a little suspicious, but then Ylena changed the subject.

"Clay wants to have his father's funeral in a couple of weeks. He doesn't want to do it too soon because of the fear of more vampires hunting us," Ylena said putting the newspaper down. She had a serious tone to her. It made me feel bad that I was in such a good mood when Rollin died hours ago.

"Let's not think of such horrible things, Ylena," Naomi said, trying to cheer me up.

"I just wanted to let you know," she said going back to her newspaper. When Naomi, Ylena, and I left the dining room I had at least two hours to kill. Naomi had to go back to work in the kitchen since she took so much time off to spend time with me and heal. So it was just Ylena and I.

"We can play a board game to pass the time!" Ylena said excitedly. We looked for a game we could both play and ended up with Clue. We played until a minor healer came and requested her help. I had about fifteen minutes before lunch and I had nothing to do. I checked my phone and saw Maia had called me about three times. I decided to call her back.

"Finally you call me. I've been wondering how you've been?" Maia said. I cringed.

"Yeah, sorry, I've been kind of busy," I mumbled.

"I can see that. I've been checking on your grandfather every day since you just up and left him without saying anything," she said. I felt guilty, but I couldn't help, but feel happiness from Clay.

"I think Clay is the one," I blurted. Maia screeched for joy.

"Oh. My. God. Are you serious?" she screamed.

"Yeah. I've sort of been living with him and we've grown very close," I vaguely said.

"Did you two... you know," she asked. I nodded then realized she couldn't see my movement.

"Yes. It was... amazing," I whispered. She squealed.

"Do you think he'll ask you to marry him?" she asked.

"I don't know," I shrugged. I looked at the time. It was 12:29.

"Crap! The time; I need to go! I'll text you later?" I rushed. She mumbled something and I hung up and raced to the ballroom.


"How is she not here yet," I asked nervously.

"Clay, stop fidgeting! She'll be down here in no time; she must have found something to do and forgot the time," Ylena shrugged it off. Naomi warned me about how they had to give an excuse not to go in the garden. I put my hand in my hair. I wanted to make Kat happy and I knew she wanted this, but I couldn't help, but still feel nervous.

We both heard her race down the stairs and saw her running towards us. By the time she got to us she was in a frenzy. She bent to her knees and panted.

"I got caught up... with Maia... we were talking... I saw the time," she mumbled. I chuckled.

She frowned, "What's Ylena doing here?"

"We should go to the garden," I said, avoiding Kat's question. Kat stared at me for the longest time and when I thought she figured out my plans she just shrugged and followed me into the garden.

I stopped at the door and turned to face Kat. I grabbed her wrists and brought them to my lips for a kiss. Kat immediately blushed and I chuckled.

"I love you, Kat," I said, "I want you to be happy."

I pulled her outside into the garden to the banner that Alex and I pulled together. It was a white banner held up by something that looked like the thing you used to hold your musical sheets. It had one wreath on each side filled with roses and other wild flowers. Kat gasped as she read what the banner said. It said: Will you marry me, Kat?

Maia and Naomi walked out of the shrubs along with Alex. Kat's eyes widened. She looked back at me as I knelt to the ground and pulled out the small box with my mother's priceless ring. The ring was made of gold and the diamond had a deep blue color with a tint of green in the middle.

"Will you marry me Katherine Jacobsen?" I whispered as I showed her the ring. Her eyes glistened and a tear escaped her eye. I caught the tear with my hand and massaged her cheek. She grabbed my hand and nodded with a smile.

"Yes!" I hugged her, almost dropping the box. I grabbed her face with both hands and continuously kissed her. Alex shouted something along the lines of let's see that ring on her finger. I pulled the ring out and with a shaky hand put the ring on her finger. She admired it while crying tears of joy. Maia raced to her and hugged her tightly and they both started crying. Naomi soon joined them.

Alex walked up behind me and patted me on the back. We both laughed as the three girl cried and admired the ring in the light. I could see Ylena laughing through the window.

"You're a lucky man, Clay, treat her right," Alex murmured and left. I was going to do it right, for me and for Kat.
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