The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Epilogue)

Clay and I had the best wedding that we both could afford. Will was Clay's best man and Naomi and Maia were mine. Grandfather walked me down the isle and since Maia and my grandfather were both here we had to keep the werewolf thing to a minimum. We also had to lie about all of the people that were here. The lie was that all of the people here were all somewhat related to Clay. It was a terrible lie, but it somehow worked.

We used most of the money my grandmother gave me to have one of the best honeymoon's ever. We went to Paris, France the most lovely place in the world. We put the rest of the money in good bank for save keeping. Maybe I would use it to go to college when I'm ready or for something much better.

I can say that when I see Clay and I think of our future it's so tangible that the old me would've been terrified, but I'm not now. I'm the exact opposite now. I love seeing the future and maybe even seeing kids in the future, but not now because I'm definitely not ready yet.

I'm here now laying naked next to the sleeping Clay. Were still in Paris in a expensive hotel honeymoon suite. I could stare at him at him all day, but Clay squirmed and woke up. He smiled a lazy smile.

"What are thinking," he yawned. I giggled.

"Us," I said. He grabbed the blanket and snuggled up together as we watched the sun rise.


I watched Clay and Kat get married and go to Paris for their honeymoon. It should've made me mad, but it didn't. With everything that's happened my perspective of life has changed and those two made me realize that.

My whole life I spent working for nothing and now I am going to use the rest of my years finding my own love.
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Thank you all for reading Clay and Kat's story! I am making a sequel, but it might not be for a while. Also I might write another story before I write the sequel. I'm thinking it will be called The Vampire's Kiss or something like that. Thank you for enjoying the stories and reading them too! :)