The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 4)

"To the bathroom, what I can't go to the bathroom?" before he could answer I raced into my room and grabbed the journal in the safe and jogged into the bathroom. I quickly locked the door and sat on the top of the toilet lid. The bathroom was a small room. It had a sink, closet, toilet, and a tub with a shower handle and you could barely pace around the room.

I tried to open the journal and then noticed a lock, but it wasn't a keyhole. Then I noticed that the hole was the shape of the jewel on the necklace that I got from my grandmother's will. I took my necklace off and opened the journal. I quickly opened it up and flipped to the first entry.

Dear Diary,
Today I helped out a new friend. Her name is Ylena. She needed my help and I was there for her. I feel good. I can't tell you what I did just yet, but I will.

"Wow, she even wrote her nickname. At least I know Ylena really was her friend," I said out loud. I skipped a couple of pages. I started to read the tenth page.

Dear Diary,
If I don't do something fast Ylena and her clan will die. The werew---

"Kat, are you okay, you've been in there a while!" Maia said as she knocked on the door. I panicked and threw the journal in the closet. I got up and turned and flushed the toilet.

"I'm fine, I was just thinking. I'll be out in a second. Go back to watching Frozen," I replied. I think if Ylena is coming over I'll make the caramel and chocolate brownies my grandmother was famous for. I decided I would go to bed early and when no one was up make the brownies and finish reading the journal.

When I got back I could see that they made a spot on the floor for us to sleep on using blankets and pillows. When I sat in my spot and grabbed my plate my stomach growled and I realized I was hungry.

"I think I'll go to bed early, girls, good night," he slowly got up and walked into the hallway. Then I stuffed my face with pizza quenching my hunger. The movie was almost over, but Maia stilled paused it.

"Are you sure you're okay? I know you haven't eaten anything since she passed away and that was about five days ago. Pizza is the first thing you ate and you can tell because you look very skinny and not in an attractive way and your eyes are puffy. I mean your dad had puffy eyes too and I know he's sad, but you look way worse!" Maia rambled. I thought about what she said and put my half eaten pizza down. I chewed and swallowed the other half and took a big gulp of my pop.

"She was my grandmother. She was like the mother I always wanted. She gave me what my actual mother would never want to give me. She took me in and taught me everything I could know and was always there for me. I was going to make her proud of me," I started shaking.

"Come on. Let's go to bed," Maia said, sadly. A tear somehow rolled down my face. She got up and threw our trash in the garbage. She then turned off all of the lights and then the TV.

"She was always proud of you and she would want you to be happy and healthy right now," Maia said and with that she rolled over.


At first I don't know what woke me up, but everything about last night came back to me in a rush. After that phone call Kat started to act weird and was skittish when her grandpa asked her a simple question. I felt bad because they both looked terrible. I remember Kat told me her true emotions last night. I don't know what Kat was doing in the bathroom, but it was not to use the toilet that's for sure.

I rubbed my face in exhaustion. I planned on searching the bathroom while Kat was still sleeping, but I looked where she was sleeping and she was gone. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

"That's what woke me up? It must be early in the morning, who would be up this early in the morning," I groaned. I looked at the clock in shock. It was 11:43 am. I slept for 12 hours! I rushed to jump up and I quickly opened the door. The sun was so bright it took me a second for my eyes to adjust.

"Um, hi. I'm Ylena and this is my grandson, Clay. We've come to pay our respects for Mrs. Jacobsen. You must be, erm, Katherine," she said, staring. I looked down at myself and winced. I was in my pajamas and my hair must be a mess! How embarrassing! My tank top and skinny Whinny the Pooh short shorts left nothing to the imagination.

"Actually I'm Maia. Kat is in the other room. Kat!" I shout and turned.
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