The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 5)

When I woke up it was hard to open my eyes. They were crusted shut because I cried myself to sleep last night. Maia was right, though. She would want me to eat and be healthy and happy. I went into the kitchen, making sure not to wake up Maia. I put a cup of coffee in and started to make the brownies. Once I had about two cups of coffee I was energized and ready for today. I wonder when Ylena and her grandson would come, which reminded me of the journal.

I looked at the time and it was 11:21 am. I already set the timer for when the brownies would be ready and all I needed to do was wait for them so I tiptoed into the hallway. I stopped at my grandfather's door and saw the note on his door.

Dear Kat,
I've gone to the store to buy more groceries. I'm most likely going to have lunch with the guys at Uncle Joes so please don't make lunch for me and please don't exert yourself.
Love you,

I go into the bathroom and lock the door for good measure. I open the closet and grab the journal. I go back to the page I was on. I skipped to the sentence I was on and read:

The werewolves are going extinct. With all of the vampires that are now hunting them they won't survive long. I took the Forte Lupum Clan (it's Latin for "strong wolf"). That's what Ylena's clan is called. The pack leader is about to have a son with his wife anytime soon. I hope he lives to see his clan prosper.

"Oh my God! Vampires? Werewolves? Did she go crazy? No, she would never joke!" I was shocked. I skim read through some of the pages. It talks about werewolves and vampires fighting mostly. Ylena and she nursed the werewolves who got wounded during battle. I went to the last page, but it wasn't an entry. It was a letter to me!

Dear Kat,
I know this all sounds crazy, but werewolves and vampires are real. The necklace you are wearing right now is special and will show that you are an ally to the werewolves and will repel vampires. I won't live long and I don't want you to go and be sad for me. Your future is in the hands of the future alpha male of the Forte Lupum Clan. I know you will do what is right. I'm so proud of you and I love y---

It ends there and next to the y is a drop of blood. What happened to my grandmother? My vision blurred and I cried for what felt like a while. Is it true what grandmother wrote? I pondered over this question for a couple of minutes.

"Kat!" Maia shouted.

"Yeah?" I shouted back.


The drive over took about a half an hour. I felt humiliated and drained. We went through every single werewolf woman that was left and none of them were the one. I sighed.

"We are never going to find my mate!" I groaned. I put my head in my hands. All of a sudden I felt a fist punch my side. When I lifted my head we were parked next to a house.

"We are not here to whine. We are here to give our respect to the woman who saved our clan, Clay," scolded Ylena, "I didn't even know that Nancy had a granddaughter and we owe it to her to at least get to know her."

"Okay. Sorry," we both walked up to the door. Ylena knocked. We waited a couple of minutes and no one came to the door. I knocked this time. We heard some rustling and the door creaked open. The tired woman rubbed her green eyes. She had long curly blond hair that was frizzy. Her pajamas were a little more than revealing and complimented her fit body, but I knew she wasn't my mate.

"Um, hi. I'm Ylena and this is my grandson, Clay. We've come to pay our respects for Mrs. Jacobsen. You must be, erm, Katherine," she said, staring.

"Actually I'm Maia. Kat is in the other room. Kat!" Maia turned and shouted.

"Are you her friend?"


"Yea?" yelled who I'm guessing was Katherine. Kat was a cute nickname. When I heard her voice it sent chill down my spine. I shivered, which was weird because werewolves never get cold. If anything I should be hot because our temperatures can get over the temperature of a fever.

"A woman named Ylena is here!" Maia yelled back.

"Bring her in; I'll be right there."

"Come on in and sorry about the mess in the living room. As you can see we had a sleep over in here and I didn't know we were going to have company," Maia started to ramble. I kind of guessed she didn't know when she opened the door in her revealing pajamas. The living room wasn't that bad looking, except for the blankets she was throwing over her shoulder and she rushed into the hallway and said to make ourselves comfortable and she'd be right back.

"Look at this photo of Nancy. This must be her granddaughter." She held up the picture and then showed it to me. I was taken aback by how beautiful she was. I was breathless. Ylena took my silence the wrong way.

"I know you're humiliated by the fact you can't find your mate, but that is no reason to pout and act like a child!" she said, sternly. She put the picture down and sat next to me with a sigh.

"No it's not like that I---" that's when she came in the room.

"Sorry for the wait. I had to help a little someone find an appropriate outfit to wear. Well, I'm Katherine, but you can both call me Kat, everyone does. You must be Ylena and you're her grandson," Kat said. She was breathtaking. If I thought she was beautiful in the picture she was even more beautiful in real life. She had wavy brown hair with blonde highlights and lovely blue eyes. You could tell she'd been crying from the red around her eyes. It also looked like she might not have eaten in a while. I felt a pang of worry and rage.

"You are correct. This is my grandson, Clay," she got up and shook her hand. I got up to do the same. I noticed she had been staring at me for a while ever since she came into the room. I wonder if she feels the same thing I feel about her. When our hands touched a bolt of electricity raced up my arm.

"You guys want something to drink? I just made coffee and we have OJ and water," she listed off. We both said coffee and she went into the kitchen.

"Ylena listen to me and listen to me well," I whispered, "Kat is the one. She is my mate."
♠ ♠ ♠
This is getting exciting! What will happen next?