The Werewolf's Mate

The Werewolf's Mate (Ch 6)

"Are you sure, Clay," she whispered. She didn't seem surprised. I wonder if she knew. All of a sudden I smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen that made my mouth water.

"Here's your coffee. I also made my grandmother's brownies. Here you guys," she gave the coffee and brownies to us just as Maia ran into the room. Her eyes brightened when she saw the brownie in my hand.

"You made brownies! I love your grandmother's brownies! I want some! Wait, when did you wake up? They take a long time to make! Did you even sleep?" Maia kept on talking. Accusing her of not sleeping. It was like she was scolding her.

"Cool your jets, Maia. You really need to learn how to tell time; it only takes about two hours. I got up around ten and decided to let you sleep in. I didn't know when Ylena and Clay were coming so I decided to make it early. Relax, I'm fine, now sit while I get you and me a brownie." and with that she walked out of the room.


Ylena and I really hit it off. Besides Maia embarrassing me in front of them because she didn't think I was sleeping I think it went well. I really like Clay, too. There is something about him that's different. That's when I remember the journal. If they are related they must know about werewolves and I decided to test them.

"I was wondering, how did you and my grandmother meet?" I asked Ylena. She pondered over the question.

"Well, she helped us out and we were friends ever since," she said. Her answer was kind of vague, but hearing that she helped Ylena out sounded so much like her. I felt like crying again, but I pushed back the tears.

"It sounds just like her; to help someone out," I whispered. I smiled and decided not to go push any further. When everyone was done with their coffees Maia and I took the cups and went into the kitchen.

"OMG, Clay is so hot!" Maia whispered. We both looked across the kitchen where we could see Clay and Ylena. It looks like they were in a serious conversation, but they were whispering so we couldn't hear.

"I know," I said, dreamily, "I wish I had the guts to ask him out." Maia looked at me then at Clay. She turned and rinsed the cups.

"I'll do it for you," she winked. She quickly walked out before I could reply. I raced after her. I just knew she was about to embarrass me even more.

"Well we should be going," Ylena got up and said, "It was nice meeting both of you,"

"Wait! I was wondering if I could ask Clay a question before you guys go," Maia blurted.
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