Status: Complete

You Can't Push It Underground

Basically, it all starts when his new neighbors move in. Frank didn’t know it was possible to hate two people so much, but they don’t leave him alone! He’d do anything to get them to stop bothering him, which is why he makes a bet with Brendon. It’s the neighbors that lead him to the bet, but it’s the bet that leads him to Gerard.
  1. The Bet
    Alright lets get things rolling.
  2. The First Applicant
    Meet Patrick.
  3. Two in a Row
    Brendon is scheduling a bunch of dates.
  4. The Vibrant Redhead
    [Frank] came out to have a good time and [he's] honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  5. Shirtless Brendon
    And if you look to your left you will see Frank slowly being driven mad by his neighbors.
  6. Do As I Say, Not As I Do
    Frank a lil bitchy. Gerard is a lil bitchy too.
  7. Forgive and Forget
    So I'm mondo-tired (literally, no joke, got four hours of sleep) and this is the most descriptive I can possibly get in my weary state, but at least there's an update at all!
  8. The Sinclair's
    Meet the neighbors.
  9. Gaga For Gerard
    Brendon's decided who Frank is going to end up with.
  10. Playing Both Sides
    Brendon "trick's" Gerard into spilling his thoughts.
  11. Mysterious Puke in the Sinclair's Yard
    Brendon ate a shit-bunch of chips. I've got to say, personifying Brendon in this fic is the most fun I've had in weeks.
  12. Ready To Go (Yes, That's a Panic Reference)
    Frank discusses the dirt he has on Brendon, which goes both ways.
  13. Trek vs. Wars
    Frank's an idiot, but that was already established.
  14. Sooner or Later
    Two guys permanently scar a little girl in a fancy restaurant.
  15. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    Life goes on.
  16. The Decision
    Frank's dumb.
  17. Step One of Brendon’s Oh-So-Genius Plan
    Things are worse for Frank than he let on.
  18. Step Two of Brendon’s Oh-So-Genius Plan
    A few things to say concerning a vibrant redhead.
  19. Change Will Come, Yes Change Will Come