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Dirty Little Secret

Amelia Patrova.

I'm not going to lie, five hundred odd years of being a vampire gets pretty old, pretty fast. Seriously, the same things for centuries on end, the only different things are the people… And the music. God, let me tell you something; the 80s was the worse. Okay, yes there were some good music, but if we ever get back to that disco glitter stage again… Anyway I'm going of track.

See, if you haven’t guessed, I'm a vampire. An old vampire at that; not as old as him, but, we don’t talk of him…Well we do, but only if it's about what a dick he is...
Right now I was sat in my car outside my new house in Mystic Falls, the only reason me being here was for a little change, that and revenge on a certain sister of mine, who has made it her job to ruin the lives of vampires, witches and humans alike since what? 1491, 92? I don’t know… After so long, you lose count.

Of course, she doesn't know I'm here, if she did she would probably run away. Again. Of course, she hasn't only been running from me, there are much more dangerous people after her. Him of course, and his family. But, let’s not dwell on the past, eh? Who wants to learn about the boring life of Amelia Patrova, and those ass hole Originals.

I stepped out of the car and rather than unpacking the very few possessions I brought with me to this boring little town, I decided to get a drink. It didn't take long to find a place ‘Mystic Grill’ “How original” I stated sarcastically under my breath as I walked towards the place I most wanted to be, the bar.
When I got there, the bar man came up to me almost immediately, “What can I get you?” He asked with a wink, I laughed lightly,
“Hmm, I think I’ll have a scotch on the rocks, please” I said slowly and flirtatiously,
“Coming right up” The barman said a little too fast, with made me smirk, after a couple of minutes he came back,
“That would be-” He was just about to tell me the price when I cut in,
“Free, all of the drinks I order tonight, will be free, right?” I asked as if it was a question when really I was compelling him, after a few seconds of silence he spoke up,
“You know what, it’s on the house. All of your drinks are on the house tonight”
“Fabulous” I said with a wink.
“You’re new” An unfamiliar voice of a man spoke from next to me, “Nice trick by the way” The man added, I turned around to see a man with piercing blue eyes, high cheek bones, and jet black hair. I smirked at him,
“I have my ways” I replied nonchalantly, he raised his eyebrows a smirk now plastered on his own face,
“The ways of a vampire” He stated, I laughed slightly, I thought about it for a second, chances are he’s a vampire, if not he’s just a very good-looking human, worst comes to the worst manipulate and compel,
“Well done, golden star for you, Mr?” I asked innocently,
“Damon. Damon Salvatore” He replied, and my smirk just got bigger, jackpot.
“May I ask the name of mysterious vampire girl?” Damon said with a fake bow and my smirk changed into an amused smile,
“Amelia” I answered simply and finished my drink, “Well it was lovely meeting you Mr Salvatore, but I must dash, I've got a lot of unpacking to do...” I added with a wink as I got up and walked out of the Mystic grill.
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