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Dirty Little Secret

The Plan.

I woke up to a newly decorated home and was actually pretty proud of it; tidy house, happy mind, eh?

Anyway, I wasn't really sure on what to do next, seeing as it only took me a few hours to finish unpacking (Thanks to my super speed ;D) I was outta things to do. So, after much contemplation I decided to get acquainted with the towns-people, key word; acquainted. See, I don't want to become attached do I? Imagine the horror. No, it would just backfire in my face and give my dear sister (note the sarcasm) a way to get one over me. And I don't like losing, and I've waited long enough to get my payback from Katrina... Or Katherine... What ever name she's going by now.

I walked out of the house and decided to head over to the Grill so I could have a drink but take a walk first to maybe get something to eat.... If you know what I mean ;). It was already 12:30, and a Saturday, so I was sure that i would meet some new people today, hey, with my luck we might even meet the other Salvatore brother, you no the one my sister actually loved? Or the doppelganger.

Let's talk doppelganger shall we?

See, this girl is key to my plans, without her everything goes up in smoke, See I found out from someone else, who knew someone else, who had a cousin, who's fiances cousin lives in mystic falls, and from that certain stranger who knew my someone, I learnt about the doppelganger: The second doppelganger of the Patrova bloodline, key to breaking the curse and key to get payback on my sister... My plan is fool proof, and I would love to write a whole chapter on my plan, but truth be told, how do I know I could trust you! Uh-huh, for all I know you could be compelled to report any news to Katherine, or worse one of the 'living' Originals, maybe even sired to them... No, if you want to know my plan, you'll just have to keep on reading!

But, I'm bad at keeping secrets, and after such a long life, I started to realize that in order to keep an audience I should really trust them just a bit... So, with that being said, I am willing to tell you one thing... In order for my plan to work, I need to befriend the doppelganger and help her in any means possible... I know right? You're probably thinking, 'what the hell Amelia? What sort of plan is that!' But, trust me... I trust you-ish... It'll work. It's got to work.

Oh yeah, and if you so much as slip one tiny detail of my plan, or any other secret I write down for you... I will rip out your heart.
♠ ♠ ♠
Ooooooohhhhhhh.... That heartless Patrova, eh? Hope you like it :3