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Dirty Little Secret

Mystic Grill and Introductions.

After compelling my snack to forget what I had done, and cleaned of all of the access blood, I walked into the Mystic Grill, once again thinking about how dull the name was. It was now about 1.00 pm and so the bar and grill was filled with many people, most of which were teenagers and young-adults. As soon as I walked in I made a bee-line towards the bar, what can I say, I'm an alcoholic ;), no I'm not, it just takes the craving for blood away.

After ordering my drink, I looked around at the different people in the Grill, when I looked at the people coming through the door, I had to take a double take. Two teenagers walked through the door, one good looking man with blonde-brown hair, a brooding face and dull green eyes. The other... Well only one word could describe her... Katherine. Of course I knew it wasn't Katherine, mostly due to the fact that I knew about the doppelganger... That and, I'm Katherine's sister, for one I know that she wouldn't be caught wearing that. Not that I don't like it... It's just not Katherine material, also big difference in hair! Well that's a slight exaggeration, I mean if it weren't for the extremely, centuries large age gap, they could of been twins!

I drunk the last of my drink and decided I was going to subtly introduce myself.

I walked up to the pool table, where Katherine 2 (As I have decided to call her till further notice) was standing with a few of her friends, I walked up, putting my nervous facade on, "Hi?" I asked as more of a question,

"Hello?" Katherine number 2 asked in much the same way, but with a kind smile plastered on her face, oh God, she's the happy-go-lucky type isn't she... Insert eye roll here...

"I'm new here, and I was just wondering if I could maybe have a -uh- game of pool with someone?" I asked again with a nervous smile,

"Erm, yeah sure, I'm Elena" She introduced herself, "This is my boyfriend Stefan" She said pointing to Mr Broody... Wait Stefan? As in Salvatore? I smiled, trying as hard as possible not to smirk... Trust me, that was hard...

"Hello" I said shyly to Stefan who held his hand out to shake mine with a weary smile and a suspicious look,

"These are my friends, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt" Elena said again gesturing to a blonde girl, a brown haired girl and a blond boy,

"Hi, I'm Amelia" I said, not bothering with my second name, due to personal reasons... And the fact that I was pretty sure the brooding one already was suspicious of me, wouldn't want to add fuel to the fire by telling them that my sister was the psychotic Katherine Pierce!


After a few games, I was getting more acquainted with the three people with me. I say three, because Matt had to go home and Mr Broody-pants, has been giving me these suspicious glares every now and then, and being me, I decided to do something about it,

"Is there a problem?" I asked innocently with a smile to Stefan,

"I know what you are." He stated in front of the rest of his friends, ah, they must all know. I laughed humorously,

"I know what you are too!" I said, trying to be serious, but cracking a smile anyway,

"Wait- What? Oh no, your a- Not another one!" Bonnie sighed exasperated, I smiled at her,

"Sorry about that"

"Why are you here?" Elena asked warily, I thought about what to say.

"Truth or lie?" I asked innocently again, I was greeted by glares by everyone sat around me, "I'm guessing truth..." I sighed, "Okay, how about this. I promise to tell you if you promise to help me" I added,

"How do we know we can trust you?" The peppy blonde Caroline asked, I rolled my eyes,

"Trust me, what I have planned will benefit you greatly... That is of course if you agree to it... Your choice" I shrugged nonchalantly looking towards Elena, I watched as Stefan dragged Elena to a corner to talk about what they were going to do.

I started tapping my fingers on the table lightly, "Well this is fun..." I said towards Caroline and Bonnie, they both glared and I rolled my eyes. Caroline looked past me and glared even more,

"Why, fancy meeting you here, Amelia" A smooth deep voice said from behind me,

"Ah, well if it isn't my favorite Salvatore brother!" I replied with a smirk,

"Wait you know him?" Caroline asked with another glare, I rolled my eyes,

"No, I'm a mind-reader" I replied sarcastically then turned to the smirking form of Damon,

"Why don't you take a seat? Story time starts soon" I said turning my attention to the happy couple making there way back to the table,

"Story time?" Damon asked at the same time Elena asked,

"Why are you here, really?"

"Well that answered your question-" I said to Damon, and then continued "-And for the reason I'm here, well..."
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