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Dirty Little Secret

Story Time

"Well that answered your question-" I said to Damon, and then continued "-And for the reason I'm here, well..."

"I'm really here because I want revenge" I said, sweetly and quick to the point. "Revenge on a certain vamp that looks a lot like your dearly beloved Elena here, but with more spunk and the ability to make you want to hit her face 24/7" I added when everyone looked like they were about to kill me,

"Katherine?" Elena gasped in question,

"No, Tatia. Of course Katherine" I replied sarcastically, but I don't think anyone understood.

"Why do you want revenge?" Bonnie asked,

"What is this 20 questions?" I asked, "Let's just say that me and Katy go way back and I want to be the chick that rips out her heart and kills her" I added thinking about what that bitch of a sister did to me all those years ago.

"Get in line, princess" Damon said with a smirk, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, honey; i am in line- right at the front. Been there since the 1400s" I replied in his same snarky manner.

"How old are you?" Caroline asked me,

"Defiantly older than you" I replied. "So do you want to help?" I asked with a cheeky smile.

"We can't trust you" Stefan spoke, finally.

"Wow, ouch" I mocked as I felt my un-beating heart, before laughing "Good, never trust anyone. Especially a vampire, especially one older than you" I explained, "I don't need you to trust me, just like you probably won't need me to trust you. All I am saying is that I want Katr- Kathrine dead and I'm gonna need help with that"

"I'm in" Elena said, causing everyone to look at her in shock, "What- we all want her dead, having someone the same age if not older than her is probably going to be better than us!" She said,

"Smart move, sweetie" I said, "So, I'm guessing you all are going to help if Len- I'm gonna call you that now- is on my side" I said, my phone suddenly ringing, "Shit. Well I have to go, we'll be in touch, and hey- no shenanigans while I'm out"
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