All That I'll Ever Need

One: How Long?

“Miss Murray, I am sorry to have to tell you this”

Isla's grey eyes stared ahead of her, her body unmoving as the doctor's words resonated. She knew what he was going to say, he had been building up to it for months and now the moment had arrived, but still Isla didn't blink. There was no sense in crying, there was no sense in yelling. She could do nothing about it so there was no sense in pretending she could.

“Your kidneys are deteriorating quicker than we thought they would. We're left with no choice. You need a transplant”

Isla's eyes flicked a little, blinking away the one stray tear that itched to escape, but still she stared, unmoved by the doctor's words. They were expected, his damning words had been on his tongue for months and Isla saw no point in pretending she didn't know. There was no shock, merely a numbness that couldn't quite be explained.

“We've moved you to the top of the list, but still, we don't know when a match will become avaliable”

Isla offered a meagre nod, not quite sure how to act. There was hope, a tiny beacon, but she didn't want to cling to it. It was a slim chance, not a guarantee, and she knew better than cling to one meagre shred of hope. “How long?” her voice was soft, gentle but not broken, and it made the doctor pause. “How long do I have left, without a transplant?” she murmured. The doctor shifted a little before he looked down at the chart. Isla shook her head. “Miss Murray, this is a chance that a kidney could be found” the doctor mused, deflecting away from the question. Isla sighed gently as she leant forwards in her seat. “I appreciate that, but whilst there is a chance you will find a donor, there is a chance that you won't. I would like to know how long” she whispered. The doctor paused for a second before he nodded, succumbing to her wish. “We estimate about six months, with the aid of dialysis” he explained. Isla's nose wrinkled a little. Six months seemed such a short period of time.

“Is there anyone you would like me to call Miss Murray?” The doctor enquired gently. Isla shook her head. There was no one, her parents had died when she was young and all of her other relatives were too far away to reach. She was alone, always alone. “No, I shall be fine. When is my next appointment?” she enquired. The doctor scanned his diary quickly. “Next week, the 17th” he mused. Isla offered him a courteous smile before she shouldered her bag and made her way towards the exit.

Isla was quick to leave the hospital building. She hated them, she always had and never wanted to stay in one long, but in her haste to leave, she failed to see the man striding towards her, his deep voice yelling in response to his phone. He was taller than her, broader, and he knocked her off her feet with ease. Isla let out a yell, something which caused the man to stop, his hand slipping his phone into his pocket. “I am so sorry” his voice was deep, but it was warm at the same time. “It is alright. I wasn't looking” Isla replied. The man offered her a soft smile before he extended a hand, helping her back to her feet. “Are you patient or are you visiting?” The man mused as he watched Isla dust herself off. “Patient” Isla replied softly. The man spared her a soft gander before he shook his head. “I can't see how you could be a patient. You look fairly healthy to me” he smiled. His smile was kind, it was tender and curious, and it made Isla smile too, even if she didn't mean to.

“Is that your way of telling me that I am pretty?” she poked. The man chuckled a little, his large hand weaving into his dark hair. “I think you know what that was” he returned. Isla giggled a little. “Your chat up lines could use some work” she noted. The man nodded. “Perhaps they could. Let's start over. I'm Iker” he noted. Isla tried not to smile, but she seemed incapable of refraining. Something about Iker made her smile. “Isla” she responded. Iker's face broke into his infectious smile once more. “Isla's a pretty name, but I suppose it has to be, it belongs to such a pretty girl” he smiled. Isla shook her head. “You're quite the charmer Iker” she mused. Iker smiled at her once more and nodded his head, shying his face away from her a little bashfully. Isla admired his smile for a second before the sound of his phone blared, scaring her a little.

“I am so sorry” Iker apologized as he ceased the phone from his pocket. “Is is important?” Isla posed. Iker spared a look down towards the screen and sighed, he knew couldn't skip the call, no matter how much he may have wanted to. Ancelotti would have killed him for not answering. “It is. I am sorry” he mumbled. Isla offered him a sincere smile before she adjusted her bag, moving to step away from him. “Where are you going?” Iker probed, his body turning in line with her steps. “Home. I thought you needed to take that call?” Isla responded. Iker laughed a little before he stepped towards her, his forest coloured eyes staring down into hers. “I do, but that doesn't mean I am done talking to you. I know this little café, it's not far from here. Let me take this call and then let me take you for coffee?” he posed. Isla was taken a back. She wasn't used to the attention of handsome strangers, but something inside of her told her to say yes, something told her to trust the handsome man stood ahead of her.

“Coffee?” she teased. Iker nodded. “I might even throw in a pastry, depending on how generous I am feeling” his smile was wide as he spoke, something which made Isla grin too. His smile was infectious. “A pastry, aren't I a lucky girl?” she quipped. “So that's a yes?” Iker quipped. Isla spared his phone a look before she nodded, allowing him to step away to answer the call.
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