All That I'll Ever Need

Ten: What Did I Do To Deserve You?

Placing the tiny stack of envelopes on the side of the bed, Iker allowed his brown eyes to scan his wife's frame, a small half smile toying on his lips. He knew she wasn't looking forwards to it, she had never liked birthdays, not even her own, but Iker was sure he wanted to make it special. She deserved a good day in amongst her more frequent visits to the hospital. It was getting harder, Isla's condition was getting worse as time went by, and Iker wanted to have a lighter day, one that wasn't full of worry and sadness. “Isla” he murmured, his large hand shaking her shoulder softly. Isla stirred a little, but remained sleeping, her grey eyes squeezed shut. “Isla, amor” he muttered again, his large hand shifting her a little. Isla stirred once more before she rolled onto her back, her eyes blinking a little as they came to focus on his. “Iker, it's not even eight yet” she murmured, a delicate yawn slipping past her lips. “I know” Iker mused as he settled on the bed beside her “But I have a double session this morning and I wanted to give you these before I left” he explained, his large hand extending the small pile of envelopes towards. Isla studied them for a moment before she sat up, taking them into her hand. “Happy birthday amor” Iker whispered as he leant towards her, his lips pressing a tender kiss to the side of her head. Isla smiled at him gently. She hated birthdays, she always had done, but she knew she had to deal with it. She could tell he had gone to a lot of trouble and didn't want to appear ungrateful.

“I have dinner reservations made for this evening” Iker mused as he watched her pull open the first card. “We don't have to do anything” Isla insisted. She was happy enough to spend the day with him, she didn't want him going out of his way for her. “We do. It's your birthday amor and I want to spoil you” Iker smiled. Isla rolled her eyes a little before she leant across, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “You're too sweet” she mumbled gently. Iker smiled softly and kissed her again, something which made Isla giggle. “You open your cards, I’ll make some breakfast and then I will give you your presents” Iker mused between kisses. Isla drew away from him gently and offered him a smile, wordlessly thanking him for whatever he had planned.

“Well don't we look all pretty?” Iker teased as he stood in the doorway, his brown eyes trained attentively on the frame of his wife. She was wearing a pretty white dress and it made Iker smile, it was reminiscent of their wedding day, a memory he couldn't stop himself smiling about. “It isn't too much?” Isla murmured, her hand shifting her dark hair a little nervously. Iker stepped towards her and shook his head, a small smile playing with the corner of his mouth as he placed his hands against her hips. “You look beautiful Isla” he mused. “Are you sure?” she questioned. Iker nodded his head gently and stepped away from her a little, his hand extending a box towards her. Isla eyed it softly before she took it from him, pulling it open. “I bought this a few weeks ago” Iker murmured as he watched her grey eyes take in the pretty silver locket he'd bought for her. “Why?” Isla whispered, her spare hand swatting away a few pesky tears. Iker shrugged a little. He wasn't sure why he had bought it, but when he had seen it, he hadn't been able to resist buying it. He knew it would look perfect on his wife. “I thought it would look nice on you” he mused with a little shrug. Isla blinked her eyes before she stepped towards Iker, pressing a warm kiss against his lips. Iker smiled at the gentle contact. He was addicted to kissing her.

Leaning back a little, he took the necklace from the box and placed it around her neck, allowing it to fall down the skin she had left uncovered. Isla admired it for a moment before she searched his eyes once more, her little hand cupping his stubble coated cheek. “I cannot believe I have you at times” she murmured. She knew how lucky she was, Iker was an amazing man, and she was grateful to have him around. He buoyed her spirits immensely. “You cannot believe it? Isla, you're perfect” Iker mused, his large hand shifting a loose curl away from her eyes. Isla shook her head a little. She wasn't perfect, not by a long shot, but she was grateful for him saying it. It was little things like that that made it all too clear that he loved her like she loved him. “Do you want to head out for dinner?” Iker mumbled as he ran his hands down her sides, causing her little frame to shiver a bit. He had had plans, grand plans, but in that moment, he didn't care. All he wanted was to be with her.

Isla noted the dark look that filled his eyes and shook her head. She knew precisely what he wanted and didn't want to deny him, she wanted the same thing. Iker smirked a little before he lifted his hand, trailing it down her back as he moved to remove the white dress she wore, allowing it to pool at her feet. Isla shivered a little before she pushed herself up on her toes, her arms carefully wrapping around Iker's neck. “What did I do to deserve you?” Iker's voice was throaty and deep as he studied Isla's nearly nude frame, a hunger shining in his eyes. “You weren't looking where you were going” Isla responded innocently, her grey eyes peeking up through her thick lashes. Iker rolled his eyes a little before he pressed a forceful kiss to her lips, making her moan out a little. Iker smirked a little at the sound, it was like music to him. Shifting her body backwards, he laid her against the mattress, his dark eyes once more drinking in her beauty. He was lucky, too lucky, and there was only one thing he would have changed. He wished her had more time with her.