All That I'll Ever Need

Eleven: A Turn For The Worst

“Are you sure that you'll be alright?” Iker murmured as he rested his head against Isla's, his fingers toying with hers. He didn't want to go, Isla was steadily getting worse and he wanted to look after her, but the brunette was insistent. She didn't want him postponing his life for her. “Iker, you're going to be gone for a day. I'll be fine” Isla returned, her grey eyes fluttering shut. She wasn't well, her condition was deteriorating, but she was sure she would be fine. She was hardly going to get worse spending the day on the couch watching movies. “Are you sure?” Iker pressed. He was concerned for her and was having a hard time in leaving. He knew he had to go, he was back in goal thanks to Ancelotti and he didn't want to lose his place again, but he also had a bad feeling about leaving his wife behind. There was something in the air that seemed to leave him a little unsettled at the thought of leaving. “Certain Iker” Isla replied before the sound of a car horn echoed, signalling that Sergio had arrived to collect the keeper. “Te amo Isla” Iker murmured as he pressed a soft kiss to her lips. Isla smiled softly at the contact before she pushed his shoulder, edging him away from her. “You need to go” she smiled, pecking his lips a couple more times. Iker nodded softly before he shouldered his kit bag, offering his wife a soft wave as he moved to leave.

“How is Isla doing?” Sergio quipped as he stretched his long legs out in front of him. They weren't travelling far, only to Valencia, but still the defender felt the need to stretch. He had always hated flying. Iker, who'd been eyeing his phone, shrugged a little. “She's not great” he murmured. The change wasn't dramatic, only a few more groans in pain or hisses in discomfort, but each dismal sound broke Iker's heart a little more. They’d been together for nearly four months, something which meant, if the doctor's prediction was correct, they only had two left before the worst happened. “Is there still no news of a donor?” Sergio questioned. Iker shook his head a little. They hadn't been expecting it, but some sort of hope would have been welcome. Everything seemed a little sad between them and they needed something to lift them. Iker was struggling to buoy Isla's spirits and Isla was struggling to deal with the heightening pain and the more frequent visits to the hospital. “Have you been tested?” Sergio posed. Iker nodded. It was one of the first things he did after Isla told him, but he wasn't a match, nor were any of her remaining relatives.

“I could get tested” Sergio noted. Iker cocked an eyebrow. “You'd do that for her?” he posed. Sergio chuckled a little and nodded. He didn't know Isla, not really, but she had made Iker so happy that Sergio would have given anything to help her. She was the best thing that had ever happened to his friend and Sergio didn't want him to lose her. It would have devastated Iker. “Of course. She's your wife and I would give anything to help you keep her” Sergio shrugged as thought it was the most obvious thing in the world. Iker offered him a smile, his arms throwing around the defender's strong frame. “Gracias Sese” he murmured. Sergio chuckled softly before he noted Marcelo peering over at them. “Did he offer to get tested?” Marcelo poked. Iker nodded his head. “Then I would like to do it too” Marcelo smiled.

“Me too” Xabi Alonso quipped, his lean frame leaning over Iker's seat.

“I'll do it” Cristiano Ronaldo beamed.

Iker smiled at his friends, deeply touched by their offers. He knew the odds were long, they weren't related to Isla and that lessened the chance of a direct match being found, but he was merely grateful that they had put themselves forwards. “Thank you guys so much” he muttered, his brown eyes blinking away a few tears. Sergio chuckled softly. “Did you honestly think no one of us would offer?” he teased. Iker merely rolled his eyes. “I am just so grateful and I know Isla will be to. I can't wait to tell her” he chuckled. He knew it wasn't a guarantee, but it was the best news he had had to give Isla in weeks. He was sure that it would make her smile, even if the results came back negative, he was sure she would be touched by the gesture. “It's not a problem” Sergio smiled “I am sure you'd do the same thing for any of us” he added. Iker nodded his head.

Tossing his bag down onto his bed, Iker took his phone into his hand, quickly dialling his home number. He knew it was stupid, he didn't really want to Isla's hopes up, but he couldn't resist telling her about the guys' offer. It was sure to make her smile a little. Listening to the dial tone, he sat himself down on the edge of his bed, his feet kicking a little. “Iker?” the goalie frowned a little, noting that the voice that answered was not that of his wife. “Ella?” he poked. “Iker something has happened” Ella spoked softly. Iker swallowed a little and pushed himself up. “Is she alright?” he posed, his voice quivering. “I don't really know” Ella replied. “What happened?” he muttered, trying to keep his voice from breaking. “She called me about an hour ago, saying she wasn't feeling well. When I got here, she was barely conscious. The paramedics are taking her in” she explained softly. Iker murmured a small thank you before he set his phone down, his mind trying to wrap around what Ella had told him. It wasn't entirely unexpected, he had always thought something like it would happen, but now that it had, he wasn't entirely sure how to react. He was hurting, sad, and a little bit irked. Isla had clearly known there was something wrong and yet she had still sent him away, she had made him go.

“Are you alright hombre?” Sergio quipped as he stepped into the room. Iker lifted his head and shook it, swallowing a little. “Iker?” Sergio posed. “Isla's in hospital. She got worse” he muttered before he turned, collecting his bag once more. “I will tell Ancelotti” Sergio noted as Iker opened his mouth to speak. Iker offered him a weak smile before he moved away, desperate to be at Isla's side