All That I'll Ever Need

Twelve: For Iker

Skidding to a stop, Iker took in a deep breath, his eyes fixed on the back of a nurse. He knew it was late, his flight back to Madrid had been delayed, but he didn't care. Isla needed him and he wasn't taking no for an answer. “Sir?” the nurse queried as she turned around. It was too late for visitors and she wondered how the man had managed to get in, security was pretty tight. “My wife” he spluttered, still trying to capture his breath. “Sir, visiting hours are over” the nurse mused carefully, but Iker merely shook his head. He needed to be with Isla, regardless of visiting hours, she was his wife and needed him. “My wife collapsed this morning. Isla Murray” he mused. He had told her to change the records, Murray was no longer her name, but Isla had yet to get around to it. “You're her husband?” the nurse questioned. Iker nodded his head. The nurse swallowed a little before she stepped out ahead of him, leading him towards a small private room. “She's not a well woman” the nurse mused carefully. Iker nodded. “I know she isn't. This isn't entirely unexpected” he returned. The nurse spared him a little look before she pushed the door open, allowing him to see Isla. Iker's heart retched at the sight. She looked so pale, so fragile, and it hurt him. She no longer looked like his wife, she looked like a shell of the vibrant girl he had fallen in love with. “She's in kidney failure” the nurse explained gently. Iker merely stared ahead of himself, his heart aching at the sight of his wife. “We can give her a few more days, make her as comfortable as possible, but if no donor is found...” Iker made a small noise which cut the nurse off. He didn't want her to say it, he didn't even want her to think it. “Can I stay with her?” he posed. The nurse looked at him softly and nodded. “Of course. I'll grab you a blanket” she noted before she scampered away.

Iker swallowed a little before he stepped into the room, his hands visibly shaking as they reached for Isla. “Iker?” Isla's soft voice questioned. The goalkeeper sniffled a little and nodded, his brown eyes watching as her greys opened. “I thought you were in Valencia” she muttered, her voice shaky and brittle. Iker swallowed a little and shook his head. “I called home. Ella told me what happened” he mused. Isla shifted a little, but grimaced, pain tugging at her nerves once more. Iker reached her side slowly and settled her back down, pressing a weak kiss to her head. “Keep still amor, it will only hurt more if you move” he whispered. Isla nodded her head a little. “Why did you let me go?” Iker questioned softly. Isla shrugged. “I didn't want you to put your life on hold because of me. Ancelotti has only just let you back in the team, I didn't want you losing your place” she explained softly. “But you are here Isla, this is far more important to me than some stupid game” Iker shot in return. He wasn't mad, not really, but he was a little hurt. Isla had clearly known that there was something wrong, yet still she had sent him away, something which stung him a little. “I am sorry” Isla whispered. Iker sighed a little and ducked down, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. “It's alright nena, I just want to be with you, every step of the way” he murmured, his hand pushing her hair from her eyes.

Isla smiled at him gently before she noticed figures in the door way. “Sergio?” Iker posed as he turned to look at his friends. He knew that they had volunteered, but he hadn't expected them to show up so soon. The game in Valencia hadn't finished long ago and Iker couldn't believe they had flown all the way back for him and Isla. Sergio offered his friend a smile. “How do we go about getting tested?” he posed. Isla frowned a little. “You don't have to do that” she mused. She was touched by the offer, but didn't want to take advantage, they were Iker's friends, not hers. “We do” Sergio replied brightly “You've made our friend very happy in the last four months and we would like to see it continue. We want to help Isla” he explained. Isla went to reply again, but the feel of Iker's hand on hers stopped her. He was the only one who would get hurt if she turned them away, he was the only one who would lose her if a donor wasn't found. “Find a nurse. She'll need to take blood samples” Isla explained. Sergio nodded his head dutifully and led the others away, leaving Iker and Isla alone once more.

“I don't want you getting yours hopes up” Isla murmured. She knew there was a chance, of course there was, but she didn't want Iker getting ahead of himself. There was a chance that none of his friends would be a match and that they'd be back at square one. Iker swallowed, but nodded his head. “I won't” he murmured. Isla smiled at him softly before she laced her fingers through his, holding his hand tightly. “I love you” she murmured. Iker smiled gently and lifted her hand, kissing it carefully. “I love you too Isla” he muttered. Isla smiled softly at the words before the nurse stepped back into the room, a blanket held in her arms. “You're staying?” Isla poked. Iker nodded and moved to collect the woollen blanket from the nurse. “Of course I am Isla, where else would I want to be?” he posed. Isla went to tell him no, to tell him to go home, but stopped herself, her grey eyes caught on his little smile. She knew he wouldn't go anywhere, even if she asked him too, and was a little glad about it. She didn't really want to be alone.