All That I'll Ever Need

Thirteen: What I Want For You

Shifting a little in his sleep, Iker blinked his brown eyes open, spotting in an instant the empty bed that sat at his side. It wasn't surprising, Isla had been itching to get out of it ever since he'd arrived, but it scared him a little. He didn't like not knowing what was going on. Wrapping the blanket around his shoulders, he slipped his feet into his shoes and stepped out of the hospital room, heading towards the small garden that existed just outside of the door. It was only little, a few potted plants, a little patch of grass, but it was nice and a refreshing change from the bleak interior of Isla's room. “Amor?” he poked, his brown eyes fixed on her frame “Amor, it's not even seven yet and it's freezing out here, perhaps we should get back inside?” he suggested. Isla, who was sat on the ground, looked up at him and shook her head, her hands showing off the thick wool blanket she wore around her shoulders. “I'm plenty warm enough” she mused. Iker nodded his head a little and moved to sit at her side. “You should have woken me. It's dangerous for you to go out on your own” he mused, his hand reaching for hers. Isla nodded. She knew it was wrong, but she had wanted a little break. Iker was great, but she wanted a moment away from his worrying. She wanted a moment for her. “I'm sorry” she mused. Iker sighed a little and leant towards her, his lips kissing hers kindly. Isla smiled at the contact before she backed away, her grey eyes scanning his face. He was handsome, gorgeous even, and it always made her smile. She knew just how lucky she was to have him.

“Iker, I want to talk to you about something” she whispered after a few moments of silence. Iker turned his eyes towards her and nodded, urging her to speak. “It's about what happens when I...” she trailed off. She didn't want to say the word, not whilst there was still a chance that a donor could be found, but she wanted to make sure he understood what she wanted. She'd given a lot of thought to what she wanted for him should the worst happen. Iker shifted a little. The mere idea that he could lose her made him sick. “I don't want to discuss this Isla” he muttered. Isla shook her head. “We have to. It's a real possibility” she muttered. Iker simply scoffed. She'd always been so negative. “Stop being so childish” she chided. “I am not being childish. I just don't want to have a huge conversation about what I should do if you die Isla. I can't handle it and I am sorry for not wanting to think about it” he snapped. He wasn't mad at her, her want to talk about it was entirely natural, but he simply couldn't bring himself to do it. Speaking of it made it real and that was something Iker didn't want. “We need to do it Iker” she murmured, her hand taking his. The keeper swallowed a little, but nodded. He couldn't simply ignore it any more, time was running out and he needed to come to terms with it.

“I want you to move on from me Iker” Isla murmured gently. Iker lifted an eyebrow. “I don't want you hung up on me. I love you, but I want you to find someone new, someone who can give you everything you want and deserve. I want you to find a girl that can make you happy and give you the family you want” she explained softly. She had thought about it a lot and knew it was the right thing. Iker deserved to be happy even if it was without her, he deserved to have a life. Iker swallowed a little. “I know it sounds odd, but I just want you to be happy Iker” she whispered, her hand cupping his cheek. “How can I be Isla?” he whispered, his brown eyes closing at her touch “How can I be happy with anyone but you?” he added, a few stray tears falling down his cheek. “I don't know Iker, but I don't want you dwelling. I'd hate to think that I had messed you up” she announced. Iker blinked a little more before he shook his head. She hadn't messed him up. She was the love of his life. “You've not messed me up Isla, don't you ever think that” he muttered. Isla sighed a little before she wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. Iker sighed softly and held her tightly, his nose in taking the soft scent that lingered on her skin. “I love you Iker” she murmured. The keeper smiled at the words and returned them warmly, his lips kissing her cheek.

“Mr and Mrs Casillas?” Iker lifted his head at the sound of the nurse's voice. “Yes?” he spluttered, his hand wiping his eyes. The nurse offered them a little look before she stepped forwards a little, a chart clutched in her hand. “Do you have news?” Iker questioned as he helped Isla back to her feet. The nurse nodded her head. “I have the results from the tests your friends had us run” she explained. Iker wrapped his arm around Isla's waist and held her close, offering the nurse a nod telling her to continue. “We found a match for you Mrs Casillas” the nurse announced kindly. Iker swallowed a little, it was the news he wanted, but still it was a shock. Part of him had thought it was futile, that a match would never been found and that he would lose the girl he loved. “Can I ask who it is?” he posed. The nurse nodded and motioned to someone that stood inside. “It's me Iker” Iker stiffened at the sound of the voice. “Who are you?” Isla murmured, her grey eyes narrowing on the woman that stood ahead of her. She looked familiar, but Isla couldn't place her. “I'm Sara Carbonero. I'm Iker's ex” the brown haired woman returned.