All That I'll Ever Need

Fourteen: Why Are You Doing This?

“You're the ex?” Isla spluttered, her grey eyes fixed on the pretty woman that stood ahead of her. She should have seen it coming, Iker's last girlfriend was bound to have been beautiful, but Sara was ridiculous. She was beyond beautiful and it made Isla feel a little bad. In her eyes, Iker hadn't traded up when he'd got with her, he'd downgraded. “I am. You're his wife” Sara responded. Isla nodded a little. “You're very pretty Isla, Iker's a lucky man” Sara commented. She knew the other girl was uncomfortable, Sara didn't blame her, but that didn't mean Sara was going to back out. Isla meant a lot to Iker and even though they weren't together, Iker meant a lot to Sara. Isla nodded her head a little before she sighed. “Why are you doing this Sara?” she murmured. She didn't want to be rude, what Sara was doing for her was amazing, but still Isla was curious. The other brunette had appeared out of nowhere and Isla wondered why. The reporter looked down at her hands for a moment. “Did Iker ever tell you about how things ended with us?” she questioned. Isla tilted her head and shook it slightly. Iker had hardly ever spoken of the other woman, let alone explained why they were no longer together. Sara nodded her head a little. “Iker is the best boyfriend I have ever had. He is bright, kind, funny, but I suppose you already know that” she mused. Isla nodded. Iker was all that she said he was, plus a whole lot more.

“The problem was what we wanted from life. Iker's always been level headed and told me from the start that he wanted to get married and have kids one day. At first, I thought I wanted that too, but as it turns out, I didn't, not with Iker at least. He became boring to me, but instead of telling him, I fell into bed with a friend of his. Iker caught us” the reporter explained softly. Isla blinked a little. She couldn't believe anyone could want to hurt Iker as Sara had, the goalkeeper was perfect and didn't deserve to be treated like Sara had treated him. “So you're doing this out of guilt?” Isla posed. Sara shook her head. “I am doing this because Iker deserves to have the things he told me he wanted. Iker is happy with you and I want for him to get exactly what he deserves” Sara explained. She knew how it seemed, giving Isla her kidney did seem like some apology, but that wasn't what it was. Sara wanted Iker to be happy and knew he wouldn't be if he lost Isla. The brunette was the best thing to happen to him and Sara wanted to help keep her around, she wanted to help Iker be happy. Isla looked at the reporter for a second before Iker stepped into the room. “You both need to be prepared for surgery” Iker murmured as he stepped to Isla's side. He wasn't happy, he would have killed for anyone else to be a match, but Sara was the only option they had and Iker was more than prepared to take it. Sara's offer meant that he could have Isla around for more time and that was something he was desperate for.

Sara nodded her head a little before she stepped out of the room, leaving her former boyfriend alone with his wife. “You need to stop glaring at her” Isla murmured. Iker, who was staring after Sara, turned a little, offering her a little frown. “I know what she did to you Iker but what she is doing for us greatly outweighs that. You should be grateful to her” the brunette explained softly. She knew Iker would never forgive the reporter for what she had done, Sara wasn't deserving of his forgiveness, but he should at least be happy she had been tested. No one else was a match and without her, Isla would have only had weeks left. Iker allowed her words to linger for a moment before he nodded, his arms carefully wrapping around his wife's waist. Isla smiled at the feel of his embrace. “It will be alright amor” he murmured softly, his lips skimming carefully over the skin of her neck. He knew she was worried, even if she hadn't said it, and Iker wanted to assure her that all would be alright. Isla shifted a little in his arms before she shook her head. “What if it isn't?” she murmured. Iker let her out of his arms and placed his hand to her cheek, guiding the stare of her grey eyes into his. “I don't want you thinking like that, everything will be fine, I am sure of it” he whispered, his eyes searching hers intently. He knew things could go wrong, the surgery required was extensive, but he didn't want Isla thinking negatively.

“You're always so positive” Isla muttered as she rested her head on his. Iker smiled at her kindly. “I love you Iker, regardless of what happens, I want you to remember that” she mused as she placed her arms around his neck, holding him close. Iker nodded his head softly. “I know Isla” he mused, his thumb skimming over skin “I love you too” he smiled. Isla giggled a little before the sound of footsteps arrived in her ears, alerting her to the presence of someone else in the room. “Mrs Casillas, we need to start making a move” the nurse murmured. Isla nodded her head softly before she turned back towards Iker, her lips pressing to his softly. “I love you” she mused once more. Iker nodded his head and dropped his hold on her, allowing her to step towards the nurse who waited patiently. “I will see you when you wake up” he called. Isla smiled softly at his words and nodded. She knew that the operation was dangerous, but she knew she would wake from it. Iker was all the motivation she needed to ensure she made it through the surgery.
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