All That I'll Ever Need

Fifteen: Talking About Our Future

Waiting was agonizing for Iker.

Minutes felt like hours, hours like years, and it was starting to get to the keeper a little. He knew it was a long procedure, the doctors had been more than happy to explain it to him, but still it felt like it was taking forever. “It'll be alright hombre” Sergio mused from his friend's side. Iker nodded. He knew it would be alright, Isla was a strong girl and was bound to make it through unscathed, but as time began to pass, Iker began to worry more and more. “What if it isn't?” he croaked, his lean figure falling back into his chair. Sergio shook his head a little. “You know that it will be Iker” he replied. Iker guided a hand through his hair and sighed a little. He did know that it would be alright, he was sure that Isla would make it through, but the delay was starting to get to him. It'd been hours since he'd seen her last and he wanted nothing more than to press a kiss her lips and tell her that he loved her. “Will you have a family with her Iker, if everything is ok of course?” Sergio posed as he looked at his friend. He knew he loved Isla, their quick marriage had been proof enough of that, but Sergio was curious to see if it would last. Iker allowed his friend's question to linger for a moment. He wanted a family, he'd wanted one since he was little, and he knew Isla was the woman he wanted to share it with. She owned his heart. “I would like to” Iker returned. Sergio shook his head. “You really are crazy about her aren't you?” he chuckled. Iker blushed a little, but nodded his head. He was crazy about Isla and wasn't afraid to admit it. The brunette was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

“Mr Casillas?” a nurse posed as she stepped into the hallway. Iker nodded his head. “Your wife is out of surgery. The doctors are satisfied that the operation was a success” the woman explained with a little smile. She hadn't seen much of Iker and Isla, only glimpses, but she was glad for the goalkeeper. It was all to clear that he loved his wife very much and would have been devastated to have lost her. Iker blinked a little before he pushed himself up. “Can I see her?” he croaked. The nurse giggled a little and nodded. “She's still a little groggy, but I am sure she will be glad to see you” she mused. Isla hadn't been awake long, only a few minutes, but already she had been asking for Iker. Iker smiled a little before he turned to Sergio. The defender chuckled. “I will check on Sara, you go and see your wife hombre” he mused, his hand patting Iker on the shoulder. Iker chuckled a little bashfully before he turned back to the nurse, allowing her to lead him into his wife's room.

“Iker?” Isla posed as the door swung open. Her head ached, her eyes were drooping tiredly, but still she could make out his smile as he moved towards her, tears lingering in his brown eyes. “Iker, I am so happy to see you” she murmured, her own eyes shedding a few tears. Iker blinked a little and ducked his head down, kissing her softly. “You're still here” he chuckled, awe lacing his words. Isla giggled a little and nodded, her hands pulling his lips back to her. Iker hummed a little into the kiss before he stepped back at little, his hand tucking her dark hair behind her ear. “I am so glad you are still here nena, I was going crazy waiting for you” he whispered, his fingers ghosting over her skin. Isla leant up and nuzzled against his touch, desperate to feel the warmth of his skin. Iker chuckled a little. “How do you feel?” he posed, his spare hand pulling a chair over to the side of her bed. “Groggy, my head aches and I am really sleepy, but that's down to the anaesthesia” she explained, recalling what her doctor had said to her minutes previous.

Iker nodded his head a little. “How is Sara?” she posed. Iker offered a little shrug. “Sergio's in with her” he explained. Isla nodded a little before she pulled him close once more, kissing him longingly. Iker smiled into the kiss for a moment before he backed away, his brown eyes searching hers. “I want to have a family Isla” he announced softly. He knew it was quick, she was hardly out of surgery, but he wanted her to know. Now everything was alright, Iker wanted to have a child. “Iker, I have to heal first” she giggled. The keeper rolled his eyes a little and pressed another doting kiss against her lips. “I know, I know that it will take some time too, but once that is dealt with, I want us to have a baby Isla. I want us to find a new place together. I want us to have a life together” he gushed. He knew it was a lot, but he couldn't contain himself any more. Now that Isla's illness had been resolved, he could talk about the future he wanted for them, something he hadn't been able to do before.

Isla giggled a little. “You've had that stored up for a while” she teased. Iker nodded. “I didn't want to say anything before, just in case we didn't find a donor and the worst did happen, but now we know it is ok, I want to share my dreams with you, dreams I have had since the moment I walked into you in that car park” he explained, his brown eyes wide and excited. Isla giggled a little. He looked like a child in a sweet shop. “You're adorable, you know that right?” she announced giddily. Iker shook his head. She was clearly a little loopy thanks to the anaesthesia. “I do know that and I also know you could use some rest. We will talk more when you are up ok?” he noted, his hand pulling her blanket over her body. Isla pouted a little, but nodded her head, resting it contently against her pillow. “Iker” she murmured. The keeper nodded, offering her a smile. “I love you” she mumbled, her grey eyes closing. Iker smiled. “I love you too Isla” he whispered before he stepped out of the room, leaving her to sleep for a little while.