All That I'll Ever Need

Sixteen: A Love Like Ours

Watching the nurse change the dressing on Isla's scars, Iker smiled a little. It wasn't comfortable, the scars on Isla's sides were horrific and it pained Iker to see them, but he knew that they were a good thing. The scars meant that they'd found a donor and finding a donor had ensured that Iker still had his wife, something which made him smile. He knew that they had moved quickly, they'd only known each other for 22 days before they had married, but he knew that they would go the distance. When he looked at Isla he saw a future, something he had never seen with any one else. Isla was it and Iker knew it, even despite the short length of their relationship, he knew that she was his forever. “You don't have to sit there and watch this you know” Isla noted as she watched him flinch. She knew he hated them, the stitched up wounds, but every time the dressings were changed, he insisted on staying, something which confused Isla. It was hardly the prettiest state he'd ever seen her body in. “I know” Iker replied, his hand carefully reaching for hers “But I want to” he added, his lean fingers brushing hers tenderly. He didn't like the scars, not in their fresh and painful state, but he knew he would come to love them, just as he loved every other freckle and scar her body held. “You're a strange man Senor Casillas” Isla teased as the nurse attached the final strip of tape. Any other man would have left, not wanting to look at the wounds she wore, but Iker was insistent. Every time her dressings were changed, there he sat, his warm and tender smile fixed on his face. “I know, but you love me for it nevertheless” he returned, his head bowing in thanks to the nurse who moved to leave the couple alone.

Isla smoothed out the dressings a little before she laid herself back down. “Why do you stay?” she quipped. Iker shrugged. “I've seen you at your best and at your worst. There's no point in chickening out now” he explained, his fingers still contently playing with hers. Isla watched the movement of his hand for a moment. “I said I would be with you every step of the way Isla and here I am” he mused. Isla blushed a little before she shook her head. She didn't know how she had gotten so lucky, but she knew she wouldn't have traded him for the world. He was her best friend, her confidant, her lover. He was everything. Iker studied her face for a moment before he let out a little laugh, amused by the thoughtful look that lit it. “Don't strain yourself” he teased. Isla blinked a little before she rolled her eyes. “You've certainly got more sassy since the operation” she returned, laughter echoing in her voice. He had changed, his personality seemed a lot brighter now she was in the clear, and Isla was glad. As much as she had adored attentive Iker, funny Iker was a marked improvement. Iker laughed softly. He knew that there had been a shift, he felt less worried when he was with her now and he was glad. He could be more like himself and it was a welcome relief. “I like this version of you. He's far more fun” Isla poked, her tongue sticking out a little.

Iker rolled his eyes playfully before he reached across, tucking a loose lock of her brown hair behind her. “You're so beautiful Isla” he murmured. It was out of place, the sentimental compliment, but he couldn't help himself. Even despite her ragged appearance, Isla was still the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen and he had to tell her, he'd come to love the way her cheeks blushed when he said cute things like that. Isla allowed his kind words to linger for a moment before she shook her head, her pale cheeks warming. Iker smiled at the blush and leant forwards, his lips carefully brushing the warm red skin. “You're so cute when you blush” he murmured. Isla shook her head once more before she pushed him away, offering him a playful pout. It wasn't fair, Iker was an expert when it came to making her blush, but she still had no idea how to make the colour appear on his cheeks. Cute compliments and kind words seemed to have little affect on the strong willed goalie. “There's no need to pout bonita” Iker teased. Isla rolled her eyes a little before she pushed his shoulder, something which made him laugh a little. “I only said you were cute Isla, there's no need to get violent” he poked.

Isla offered him another shove. “How come you don't blush?” she poked, her fake pout still playfully filling her features. Iker shrugged. “You've never said the right thing.” he noted nonchalantly. “And what would be the right thing exactly?” she returned, her arms folding over her chest. Iker shrugged. “I don't know, I don't tend to get embarrassed easily” he quipped. Isla seemed to think for a moment before she moved closer to him, her lips moving to nibble on the side of his neck. “What are you doing?” Iker quizzed, his eyebrow raised in confusion. Isla simply hummed, her lips and teeth nipping at the side of his neck. Iker swallowed a little and bit down on his lip, trying to swallow the urge to mutter her name. He knew what she was doing, she was trying to make him blush, but he didn't want to give her the satisfaction. He was rather enjoying teasing her. Isla nibbled on the skin for a moment before she poked her tongue out a little, brushing it against his cool skin. Iker shuddered a little at the contact and let out a little sound, something which made Isla smirk.

“I can come back if you guys are busy” Iker jumped out of his skin as Sergio's voice entered the room. It was early, too early for him to have come to take him to training, but there the defender stood, a smirk fixed prominently on his face. Isla moved her face away from Iker's neck and offered Sergio a smile. “We're done. It's nice to see you Sergio” Isla noted nonchalantly. Sergio offered her a little smile before he jutted a thumb over his shoulder. “Ancelotti wants us in early” he quipped. Iker nodded his head a little and stood up, pressing a brisk kiss to Isla's lips. The brunette smiled as she watched him go. He wore a blush on his cheeks and it made her heart skip a beat. He'd never looked so cute.
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