All That I'll Ever Need

Two: Let's Do It Again

“So, what was your call about?” Isla mused curiously as she set her coat on the back of the chair Iker had pulled out for her. He'd been on the phone for a good ten minutes, but Isla hadn't really minded. She was sure he would be worth the wait. Iker set their drinks onto the table before he offered another charming smile, something which made Isla's heart race. She was sure it was his smile that had convinced her that it was a good idea to agree to their date. “It was my boss. He wants me to head into work, but I asked to defer for a little while” he noted, his brown eyes watching keenly as her cheeks flushed. “You told your boss no because of me?” she spluttered. Iker laughed a little, but nodded. He knew it was silly, he was only just out of a relationship and wasn't exactly looking for another, but he liked Isla. There was something about her that made him smile. Isla gaped for a few seconds before she shook her head, not believing that he had told his boss no because of her. She wasn't anything special, she wasn't a reason to tell his boss no. “You'd best ensure this date is worth it” Iker quipped as he noted the thoughtful look on her face. Isla's eyes widened a little. “Date?” she quipped, half in teasing, half in awe. Iker chuckled softly and nodded. “I don't take my friends to my favourite café. This is a place for dates. I thought you knew that” his eyes crinkled a little as he offered another smile.

“So you wanted to go out with me on a date?” Isla noted. She knew it was irrational, but she wanted to make sure she had heard him right. She found it a little tough to believe that the handsome stranger she had met in a car park wanted to date her. She had thought he'd merely taken her out to apologize for knocking her over. “Yes” Iker noted “Why did you think I asked you here?” he posed. Isla's pale cheeks reddened a little. He seemed so sure of himself, so confident, whilst she was a bumbling mess. “I...I thought it was an apology” she admitted. Iker smiled at her gently before he reached for her hand, lacing his long fingers with her smaller ones. “It is, but I also wanted to spend a little more time with you. You make me smile Isla and that is something I haven't done in a while” he admitted. Isla's head tilted a little. She found it hard to fathom that he hadn't smiled, his smile was perfect. “Why didn't you smile?” her question was blunt, a little rude, but it made Iker smile once more. He found every little detail about her fascinating, from her grey eyes to her splattering of freckles, she was intriguing to him. “That's a story that can wait for a while” He mumbled. He was having a good time, he didn't want to dampen the mood. Isla studied his face and nodded her head, not wanting to pry.

“So, Isla, what do you do for a living?” Iker posed, breaking the silence that had settled around them. Isla shifted a little in her seat. She didn't work, she hadn't for months, but she didn't want Iker knowing that. “It's alright to say nothing you know. I am not going to get up and leave” Iker chuckled, his eyes noting the tension that had appeared in her face. Isla sighed. “I did work, but when I got sick, things got harder to manage” she explained. Iker nodded his head sympathetically. He didn't know what was wrong, but he knew it must have been bad. Isla didn't seem the type to make something out to be bigger than it was. “What about you Iker?” she questioned. Iker quirked a teasing eyebrow. “You don't recognise me?” he smiled. Isla shook her head. “Am I supposed to?” she returned. Iker offered her another laugh. It was refreshing to meet someone who didn't know him, it was a rarity in Madrid and in Spain as a whole. “I'm Iker Casillas. I am the captain of the Spanish World Cup winning squad from 2010” he explained. Isla's face lit up a little. She wasn't into football, she never had been, but she remembered a friend of hers fawning over the team. She'd made Isla sit and flick through picture after picture of unfamiliar men. Iker noted the smile on her face. It was warm, gentle, kind, and it made him want to admire it a lot more.

“Thanks for this afternoon” Isla mused as Iker led her back to her car. She had had fun with him, more fun that she had expected to have, and she was glad. Iker was a welcome pick-me-up after the news she had received. “It was a lot of fun” Iker smiled. Isla studied his smile for a moment before she moved to climb into her car, only to have him stop her. “Isla, wait” he murmured, closing the door of the car. Isla straightened a little, her eyes studying him inquisitively. “I want to see you again” he noted. His voice was unsure, not like before, and it made Isla smile a little. She liked that he was confident, but she liked that he was shy as well. “You do?” she teased. Iker rolled his eyes a little before he nodded. “I liked spending the afternoon with you and would very much like to take you out again. I am free on Friday” he mused. Isla pretended to think for a moment before she nodded her head, offering him yet another wide smile. Iker smiled gently in return before he removed his phone from his pocket, handing it to her. “Enter your number, I’ll give you a call and we can set something up” he smiled.

Isla nodded and proceeded to enter her number, saving her name as Isla <3.