All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty: Coming Home

Placing the last of her things into her suitcase, Isla smiled to herself, excited by the prospect of heading home. She knew she was still recovering, but she was glad that they were prepared to let her do it at home, she had become more and more bored of the hospital as the days had passed. “Someone is in a good mood this morning” the nurse mused as she stepped into Isla's room, discharge papers sat in her hand. Isla smiled. “I cannot wait to get home” she noted, excitement filling her voice. The nurse smiled a little. She didn't blame the brunette for being excited, it'd been almost two weeks since she had been admitted and the prospect of returning home must have been tantalizing. There was nothing quite like home. “Is that husband of yours coming to get you?” the nurse posed. Isla blushed a little. Iker had been an immediate hit with the nursing staff, and it made Isla giggle a little. Many of them insisted on fawning over him whilst he was away at training. “He is. He says he's got a surprise waiting for me” Isla noted, her hand zipping up the small suitcase. The nurse nodded and set the papers down onto the table. “Make sure you have them filled out when you go” the nurse explained. Isla nodded. “Thanks for all you have done. You made this slightly more bearable” Isla noted politely. The nurse waved her hand. She had merely been doing her job and with patients like Isla, it was easy. The brunette was very likeable. “You're very welcome Mrs Casillas. I hope the recovery continues to go well” the nurse smiled before she left the room.

Isla watched the door for a second before Iker strode through it, a bright expression fixed onto his face. “You're here early” Isla teased as she moved to fill in the paper work. Iker nodded. “Mr Ancelotti let me go early when I mentioned that you were coming home today. He explicitly told me to look after my wonderful wife” Iker explained with a small smile. He knew it wasn't much, Isla was simply moving from one bed to another, but he was glad she was coming home. He'd felt a little lonely without her. “He called me wonderful?” Isla poked. “Well not exactly, that was Sergio. But he did tell me to look after you” Iker replied. Isla blushed a little. “Are you nearly ready to go?” Iker posed curiously. Isla shook her head. “I still have to see my doctor one last time. Why are you so desperate to get out of here?” she posed, an eyebrow raised quizzically. She understood it, his desire to have her back with him, but he seemed a little too urgent. It was like he had a schedule to keep to. Iker shook his head a little. “I am not desperate, I just want to get home” he replied vaguely. Isla shook her head. “Is it about that surprise you keep twittering on about?” she noted. Iker chuckled. “It might be” he teased. Isla rolled her eyes a little. “You're an odd man Iker, I hope you know that” she poked. Iker laughed and nodded his head. “I know it, and I know you love me for it” he retorted.

“Iker, this is not the way home” Isla complained as she watched Iker steer them through the Madrid streets. She was starting to get a little tired and wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed with him and fall asleep. Iker offered her a playful smile before he pulled something out of his pocket, placing it in her hand. “What is this?” Isla quipped as she shifted the cool metal key in her palm. “It is a key” Iker replied dumbly as he steered around another corner. Isla rolled her eyes. “I had figured that out Iker, I meant what is it for?” she noted, slightly irritated. Iker smiled a little. He was proud of himself, he'd found them a wonderful new home, and he couldn't wait to show it to her. He knew that Isla would love it. “It is for our new house” Iker replied, steering the car onto an unfamiliar street. Isla's eyes widened a little. “You bought us a new house?” she squeaked. Iker nodded. “Why?” Isla posed. “Because my old apartment was hardly big enough and I wanted to celebrate you getting a donor” Iker replied cheerfully as he parked the car on a driveway. Isla looked at him for a moment before she turned her head, admiring the house that stood ahead of them.

Iker admired the awed expression on her face and laughed a little. “You should see inside. It's much nicer” he teased, pushing his car door open. Isla blinked a little and followed him, allowing him to unlock the house's front door. Iker laughed a little and bent down, lifting her into his arms. “What are you doing now?” Isla quipped as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Carrying my wife over the threshold of our new home” Iker replied in a duh tone. Isla rolled her eyes a little but allowed him to pad forwards, carrying her into the vast hall. “Iker” Isla squeaked as she admired the large room. Iker merely laughed, pressing a doting kiss to her cheek. “It's nice isn't it? Three bedrooms, two with en suites and a spare bathroom. A kitchen, dining room, living room and pool” he explained. Isla blinked a little before she shook her head. The gesture was sweet, adorable even, but she felt a little bad. She didn't want him wasting his money on her.

“Don't give me that look, amor, I have seen it countless times” he mused. “But this is so much Iker. I can't let you waste your money on me like this” she protested. Iker shook his head. “I am not wasting money, I am spoiling the woman I love” he returned. “But people will think I made you do it Iker, I don't want to be seen as a gold digger” she replied. Iker noted the soft look on her face and stepped towards her, his large hand cupping her pale cheek. “You should not care about what anyone else thinks of you” he mumbled, his eyes dark. “In my eyes, you are the most selfless and wonderful woman I have ever met and you deserve to be treated like a queen” he explained. Isla blinked a little at the strength of his voice, but smiled, touched by his words. “You deserve everything I give to you and more and I don't want you ever thinking differently” he explained, his hands tentatively holding her waist. Isla blushed and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Thank you” she murmured. Iker laughed a little. “You never have to say thank you, having you around is all the thanks I need” he smiled before he wrapped his arms around her, carrying her towards their room. Isla snuggled into his touch, still amazed by how wonderful a man she had married.