All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Two: Beautiful Things

Bouncing her knee slightly, Isla bit her lip, her grey eyes surveying the familiar office. She had thought she had seen the last of it, Dr Parker's office was the last place she wanted to find herself, but Iker had been insistent. There was something wrong and he wanted to know what. “It'll be fine Isla” Iker mused softly. He didn't know what was wrong, but he hoped it wasn't anything major. He didn't quite have the heart to watch his wife get ill again. Isla nodded her head a little before she reached across, taking his hand for comfort. Iker smiled at the small action and pulled her hand to his lips, tenderly brushing the skin with a series of light kisses. “I am glad you are here with me” she mused. It wasn't much, Iker merely sat in the chair at her side, but it meant a lot to her. Having him around made her feel far stronger. “There's nowhere I would rather be than at your side bonita, you know that” he replied lovingly. Isla blushed a little before the door pulled open, allowing Dr Parker to step inside. “Mrs Casillas” he mused as he spotted the brunette. He was surprised, her recovery had been going along well and he was a little shocked to find her in his office. He'd thought he'd seen the last of Isla.

“Dr Parker” Isla replied softly. The doctor nodded his head before he sat himself down. “What can I do for you Isla?” he questioned. Isla swallowed a little. “I've been feeling unwell for the last couple of days. It is probably nothing, but we wanted to get it checked” Isla explained, her hand flexing around Iker's slightly. Dr Parker looked at the brunette and nodded. “We can run a few tests, checking for infection or for the rejection of the new kidney” he explained. Isla blinked slightly, but nodded, knowing it was the only way. It was unlikely, she had only experienced a few moments of nausea, but she knew it had to be looked at, if only to put her mind at ease. “I will find a nurse and you can go” Dr Parker explained as he stood up once more. Isla nodded her head a little before she turned to Iker, her grey eyes filled with a few tears. Iker's chest clenched at the sight of them. He'd always hated how scared Isla looked when it came to hospitals. “It will be alright” Iker murmured as he moved to stand ahead of her. “Are you sure?” Isla spluttered. Iker nodded his head and moved to brush away her tears.

He wasn't sure, not really, but he had to have Isla believe he was. She'd only breakdown otherwise.

Holding Isla close, Iker sighed to himself, his shirt damp from the tears she had shed. He knew she was scared, he himself was petrified, but he hoped that there was nothing to be scared of. He had only just got Isla back from hospital, the last thing he wanted was to have her admitted again. “You're worried” Isla chimed as she shifted in her seat. She knew he was trying to hide it, he had been since they'd arrived, but she could see it. A small frown played at the corner of his lips. “Of course I am” Iker mumbled “I have seen you go through this once and I don't think I have the heart to do it again” he murmured. Isla shifted a little before she looked into his eyes, her hand softly holding his cheek. She knew that there was a risk, there was a chance that her body had rejected the kidney, but she didn't want him getting worried. She hated the pitying look he had worn through the early stages of their relationship and had no desire to see it again. “I wouldn't ask you to” she murmured. “You wouldn't have to ask. It is my duty to stand by you” Iker replied softly. It would hurt, seeing her in a hospital bed all over again, but he would do it. Isla was his wife and he would stand by her until the end of his days.“You're very traditional Iker” she teased, trying to lighten the mood. Iker rolled his eyes. “Would you prefer I was off cheating on you?” he poked in return. Isla offered him a faux glare. “You wouldn't dare. I would take you for everything you had” she returned playfully. Iker laughed a little before he pressed his forehead to hers. “I could never cheat on you bonita. I would never forgive myself for making your pretty eyes cry” he mumbled. Isla blushed a little before she pressed a kiss to his lips. “You say such beautiful things sometimes Iker” she whimpered. Iker smiled. “I say beautiful things because you deserve to hear beautiful things” he announced.

Isla wanted to reply, to gush about how truly amazing he was, but she was cut off by the appearance of a nurse by their side. “We have your test results Mrs Casillas” the nurse mused. Isla blinked and grabbed onto Iker's hand, holding it tightly in her lap. “We've found no signs of infection, or any indication that your body has rejected the kidney” the nurse explained, her eyes scanning the chart. Isla spared a sigh of relief before she looked up. “What was the matter?” she questioned. The nurse shifted a little before she smiled, handing over a sheet of paper. Isla took it out of her hand and scanned it, her grey eyes widening at the small note that lingered at the bottom of the page. “Are you sure?” she squeaked. The nurse nodded. “Certain” she smiled. Iker, who was still in the dark, took the sheet of paper from Isla's hand and studied it, his brow furrowing. “I don't get it” he announced, pouting slightly. Isla giggled a little. “Read here” she mused, motioning towards the note. Iker nodded and scanned the paper. “I still don't understand” he mumbled. Isla laughed softly and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. “You've gotten me pregnant Iker” she explained. Iker's throat dried as her words lingered. He knew it was what he wanted, a baby with his wife was something he had been dreaming about, but it shocked him. Isla had only been home a few weeks.

“What?” he spluttered. Isla laughed a little. “You are going to be a padre Iker” she mused. Iker pondered her words for a second. “I've always wanted to be a padre” he smiled dumbly. Isla shook her head a little before she pressed another kiss to his cheek. Iker blushed a little before he turned, placing a tender kiss against her lips. “Gracias bonita” he mumbled. “What are you thanking me for?” Isla replied, a small hint of laughter tumbling out of her mouth. “For being wonderful and for being pregnant” he mused. Isla shook her head a little before she took his hand, pressing the large extremity to her still flat stomach.
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