All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Three: Thank You

“Good morning bump” Iker cooed as he pressed a small kiss to the small mound of skin on Isla's stomach. It was only a few weeks old, but already Iker loved it, the taut mound of skin brought a smile to his face each and every time he saw it. “You realise it can't actually hear you right?” Isla teased. She was nearing twelve weeks, but already Iker fawned over the bump. He adored it and she had come to love the way he smiled at it. Iker smiled a little at the bump before he edged his way up the bed, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “It might not be able to hear me, but I like looking at it. I still cannot believe that I did that” he chuckled, his warm fingertips skimming over the skin. Isla shivered a little at his touch before she lowered her head, resting it against the crook of his neck as he placed his arms around her. “You'll make a good dad” Isla mumbled as she traced shapes into his arm. Iker chuckled bashfully and placed a small kiss against her shoulder blade. “What makes you say that?” he queried. “Because you were wonderful when I was sick. You were so attentive, so patient. You're going to be an amazing padre” she smiled, her fingers still moving softly across his skin. Iker watched her for a second before he shifted his hand, setting it against her little bump. “Bump will be lucky” he mumbled gently, his large thumb brushing the material of the shirt she wore “He will have a beautiful mother who will love him more than anything” he smiled. Isla blushed slightly before she pushed herself up, the familiar feeling of nausea brushing over her.
“Do you want a hand?” Iker questioned as he followed her towards the bathroom. He hated that she had become so ill, but he knew it would be worth it, in a few more months they would have their baby. “No” Isla replied softly “You should think about getting ready for training” she mumbled, her petite body settling beside the large bathtub. Iker offered her a look before he nodded, not wanting to get in the way.

“Sergio wants to see you later” Iker quipped as he moved to collect his clothes from the dresser. He knew it was sudden, Sergio's invite for a night with him and Pilar, but it had escaped Iker's mind. Whenever he was around his wife, he tended to forget most other things. Isla, who was looming over the toilet, turned her head a little. “Why does your friend want to see me?” she posed. She liked Sergio, he and Pilar were nice, but she hadn't expected him to ask for her. Sergio was very much Iker's friend. “Because you are wonderful” Iker replied teasingly. Isla rolled her eyes. “Because I may have let slip to him about bump and now him and Pilar want to talk about babies” Iker noted. He hadn't meant to say anything, but when Sergio and his son had appeared, Iker hadn't been able to stop himself blurting out his news. Babies tended to make him a little mushy. “You said you wouldn't tell anyone until after the three month scan” Isla mused as she moved to brush her teeth. She knew he was excited, he hadn't stopped smiling since the nurse had given them the news, but she wanted to wait. Things could still go wrong and she wanted to ensure that things were good before they started telling friends and family. “I know” Iker mused as he stepped into the bathroom “But Sergio and Junior appeared and I couldn't help it. I'm very excited about this little one” he mumbled, his hands settling on her tiny bump once more.

Isla watched his hands before she leant back against his chest, her hands settling over his. “Can you believe that we are having a baby?” she murmured, her eyes closing a little. Iker shook his head. “I still can't believe that you are my wife” he noted in awe. They had been together for nearly seven months, but still Iker was in awe. It felt like only yesterday he was taking her out for coffee after meeting her in a hospital car park. Isla laughed a little before she turned to face him. “You should get ready” she smiled “And tell Sergio that I would love to talk to him and Pilar about babies” she added. Iker nodded dutifully before he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Goodbye mama” he cooed before he knelt down ahead of her, kissing the small mound on her stomach. “Goodbye baby” he beamed.

“He's beautiful Sergio” Isla smiled as she held the baby close. He was so small, so delicate, and Isla was amazed that Sergio had had anything to do with him. The defender was hardly the most subtle. “Gracias Isla” Sergio smiled “He gets a lot of his good looks from his madre” he added with a loving smile towards Pilar who was setting a tray of drinks down ahead of them. “You two are expecting now aren't you?” Pilar posed as she moved to take Junior from Isla's arms. The little boy was starting to get a little cranky and needed to be set down for the night. Isla blushed and pushed a hand back through her hair, a small bashful slipping from her mouth. “It should totally be a girl” Sergio announced. Iker, who had started to sip on his drink, cocked an amused eyebrow. “And why should it be a girl Sergio?” he poked. Sergio's face lit with a wide smile. “Because then she could marry Junior and we would be family Iker” he announced, a childish smile fixed on his face. Iker rolled his eyes a little. “If your boy is anything like you, my daughter would never be allowed near him” Iker teased before his phone buzzed against his leg. Pulling it out, he sighed slightly and excused himself, leaving Sergio and Isla alone.

“You're the best thing that has ever happened to him Isla” Sergio murmured after a few moments of silence. Isla jumped a little at the sound of his voice before she turned to him. “I am?” she posed. Sergio nodded. “He used to be happy with Sara and with the others, but with you, it is incredible. I have never seen him grin so brightly before” the defender smiled. Isla blushed a little and ducked her head, chewing on her lip. Sergio dipped his head a little and caught her gaze once more, smiling widely at the red that covered her cheeks. “I want to thank you Isla. You've made my best friend happier than ever and I owe you a lot for that” he smiled. “You don't owe me anything” she mumbled “Iker makes it easy” she added. Sergio smiled at her softly before Iker moved back into the room, plopping down beside Isla who cuddled into him.