All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Four: A Night At The Bernabeu

“Are you sure?” Iker mumbled as he placed his hands against Isla's large bump. They were overdue, Isla's due date had quickly been and gone, but still the brunette was insistent on attending his game, something which set Iker on edge. The last thing he wanted was for his wife to go into labour in the midst of thousands of screaming fans. “Positive. I am sick of sitting around and waiting Iker” Isla responded, a small frown on her face. It was almost a week since their due date had passed and the brunette was becoming more and more uncomfortable. Her ankles ached, her back was sore, but still their baby seemed reluctant to make an appearance. “I get that Isla, but a football stadium is hardly the most appropriate place for a woman as pregnant as you” he protested a little. Isla looked at him for a moment before she sighed. “I just want to get out of the house Iker” she whimpered “And Pilar and Irina promised to keep an eye on me. Please?” she pouted. Iker looked at her face for a moment before he sighed. “Fine, but if you get the slightest twinge, I want you sending Pilar out onto that pitch to get me ok?” he noted. Isla smiled at him softly and nodded her head, her fingers passing over her bump. Iker watched the slight movement of her fingers before he ducked down, pressing a kiss to the large bump. “She will be here soon” he smiled. Isla shook her head. “You must stop calling the bump she. We opted not to find out remember?” she poked. Iker offered her a cheeky smile before he peeked at his watch, letting out a small groan. “You have to leave?” she teased. Iker pouted and nodded his head. “We have a training session before the match tonight. If anything happens, you call me” he noted, a serious look filling his eyes. Isla noted it and nodded. “You will be my first call” she mused before she pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Good luck” she smiled.

Grimacing a little, Isla shifted in her seat, her grey eyes fixed on the pitch that stood in front of her. The game was almost over, they'd just entered the eightieth minute, and she knew she had to hold on. There was no way of getting to Iker any sooner. “Are you alright there Isla?” Irina posed as she noted the small distressed noise. It wasn't the first sound, Isla had been making them since Irina, Pilar and baby Sergio had collected her from home, but Irina was getting a little concerned. The sounds were getting closer and closer together to the point where they were now only seconds apart. “Fine” Isla noted, forcing a smile. Irina offered her a little look but nodded, turning her eyes back towards the game. Isla sighed a little before she pushed herself up. “Where are you going?” Pilar questioned as she adjusted her son on her lap. Isla offered her a little look. “To the bathroom” she replied with a small smile. Pilar nodded a little before she shifted her feet, allowing Isla to scoot past and into the box.

Padding into the bathroom, Isla let out a small groan, her insides tightening a little. She knew what the pain was, she had known since the morning when they had started, but she didn't want to tell anyone, not before Iker had the chance to get off the field. “You should have told us sooner” Irina mused from the door way. She had known that there was something off with Isla and had opted to follow her, wanting to make sure that nothing happened. “I didn't want to worry anyone” Isla muttered as another groan escaped her lips. “How close are the contractions?” the Russian woman posed as she edged towards Isla slightly. Isla blushed a little and let out another squeak in pain. “A few seconds apart” she mumbled. Irina's eyes widened. “Seconds?” she squeaked. Isla blinked and nodded. “Can we still get to a hospital?” she questioned. Irina offered her a little smile and shook her head. “I am afraid that window has passed honey. We need to get you out of here and into the room next door” she noted, offering the petite brunette her hand. Isla swallowed. “I need Iker” she whimpered, tears filling her grey eyes. Irina nodded. “I will send someone to get him, right now, you need to focus. You're going to be pushing any moment” she explained, helping Isla onto the plush interior of the private box. “Now you can sit here” Irina cooed as she settled Isla onto the floor “I need to get a few people and then we will do this ok?” she encouraged. Isla looked at her and nodded, forcing a small scared smile. She was terrified, she had never quite envisaged that her child would be born at the stadium, but there was no longer a choice. Her baby was coming and there was no stopping it.

Letting out a jubilant cheer, Iker followed his team-mates back into the changing room, his large hands slapping their shoulders. The game had been a good one, Real had been Valencia comfortably, and Iker was in a good mood. He couldn't wait to kiss Isla. “Iker” the keeper's eyes lifted at the sound of Pilar's voice. “Pilar, what are you doing down here?” he questioned, his brow furrowed in concern. “Isla's upstairs Iker, she's about to have your baby” Pilar explained hurriedly. Iker's stomach filled with knots. “She's in labour?” he spluttered. Pilar nodded. “She's been in labour for hours, she didn't want to worry anyone” she explained as she handed her son over to Sergio. “Can we make it to a hospital?” Iker exclaimed. Pilar offered him a soft look and shook her head. “Her contractions are just seconds apart Iker. We don't have time to get her into an ambulance” she explained. Iker swallowed thickly before he nodded. “Take me to her” he noted. Pilar nodded her head and grabbed onto his arm, pulling him through the stadium to the box where Isla resided.

“Iker” Irina called as she turned her eyes away from Isla who laid between another woman's legs, her forehead covered in small beads of sweat. Iker swallowed a little and stumbled to her side, replacing the woman who sat behind her. “She's about ready to go” Irina commented. Iker nodded a little before he pressed a kiss to Isla's clammy forehead. “You can do this Isla” he whispered. “I don't think I can” she sobbed. Iker kissed her forehead again before Irina looked up, giving the call to push. “You need to push amor, as hard as you can” he coached, his hand taking hers. Isla sniffed a little before she nodded, her hands gripping at his as she pushed with all her might. “Come on bonita, keep going” Iker called. Isla pushed for a few more seconds before she fell back, her chest heaving. “That was amazing Isla” Iker cooed. Isla nodded wearily before she felt another contraction. “When it comes you need to go again Isla” Iker mused. Isla groaned a little, but nodded, her body tensing as the contraction moved through her. “Push Isla, push” Iker called. His hands were aching, Isla's grip was vice like, but he didn't care. He knew now it was just a matter of moments before their baby entered the world. Isla pushed for a few more seconds before the room fell silent.

Iker's heart clenched at the silence.“They are supposed to be crying” he noted, his voice panicked. Irina leant forwards a little and placed her hand on the baby's chest, rubbing it slowly before a small croaky cry echoed. “You have a beautiful little girl” the Russian smiled as the baby's small and fragile cries filled the room. Iker relaxed a little before he tilted his head a little, watching as Irina wrapped their little girl in a warm blanket. She was so small, so delicate, but she was perfect. She was angelic. “Did you have a name for her?” Pilar peeped as she and Sergio stood in the door way. Isla blushed a little and nodded. “Mia” she announced. The word lingered for a moment before Irina offered Mia towards Iker. “Would you like to hold her?” she cooed. Iker swallowed slightly before he nodded, his long arms tentatively extending to take the blanket from Irina's arms. “She's so tiny” he mumbled, tears slipping down his cheeks. “Babies tend to be” Sergio quipped. Iker let out a small laugh before he lifted Mia against his chest, his brown eyes marvelling at the innocent little girl. She was tiny, smaller than Iker had imagined she would be, but she was perfect. She had a sweet little button nose, blue eyes and a head of chocolate brown hair.“Is she alright?” Isla mumbled as she rested her head tiredly in Iker's lap. Iker smiled and ducked his head, kissing her lips tenderly. “She's perfect Isla” he whimpered. Isla shifted a little before she gingerly sat up, her grey eyes admiring the pretty little girl. “Can I hold her?” she posed. Iker chuckled and nodded, handing Mia over to her mother.

Isla admired the little girl for a second before she rested against Iker's chest, happy tears skimming over her skin. “She's ours?” she squeaked, her eyes watching as Mia made a small movement. Iker chuckled a little and nodded. “She is ours” he confirmed before he pressed a kiss to Isla's temple. It wasn't exactly how he had envisaged their daughter making her first appearance, but he didn't really care. Isla and Mia were safe and that was the only thing that mattered.
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