All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Five: My Girls

Peering over the edge of Mia's crib, Isla smiled to herself, amazed by the slight movement in the little girl's chest. She was tiny, smaller than Isla had been as a baby, and the brunette still had a hard time fathoming that she was hers. Mia was an angel and Isla couldn't believe she'd brought something so perfect into the world. “You smile so widely when you see her” Iker mused as he padded into Mia's nursery. She was only days old, but neither he or Isla could go ten minutes without looking at her. She was perfect and he was sure he could never get enough. Isla jumped a little at the sound of his voice and turned, offering him a little smile. “She's so beautiful” she fawned. Iker nodded. “She is beautiful, she looks just like her madre” he cooed lovingly. Isla blushed softly before Mia made a sound, calling attention back to her. “I think she needs her papa” Isla mused as she watched the little girl fuss in her crib. Iker smiled a little before he leant past Isla, lifting Mia into his arms. Mia looked around for a moment before she placed her head against Iker's chest, her big blue eyes blinking tiredly. “She's such a daddy's girl” Isla teased. Iker merely offered a soft smile before he lowered his head, pressing a tender kiss to Mia's head. Isla smiled at the action before the sound of the doorbell echoed, causing Iker to groan slightly. He knew people were curious, Mia's arrival had been sudden, but he was slowly growing tired of well-wishers. Mia was their daughter, not something to be gawked at. “I will deal with them” he huffed as he placed Mia into Isla's arms. Isla offered him a small nod before he stepped out of the nursery, making his way towards the front door.

“We just want a day to ourselves” he announced as he pulled the door back. He knew it was rude, people were only visiting to offer their congratulations, but Iker wanted a day where it was just him, Isla and Mia. He wanted a day with just his girls for company “You haven't even got time for your father?” Jose Luis mused, a small smile pulling on his lips. He knew that Iker didn't want Carmen around, the older woman was still trying to kick up a fuss about Isla, but Jose wanted to meet his granddaughter and the woman who had given her to him. “Papa, what are you doing here? I thought madre would have convinced you that Isla was evil” Iker sighed as he shifted slightly. He missed his family, of course he did, but he wasn't about to accept the way his mother had talked to Isla. She had been rude and insulting and that wasn't something Iker was just going to forget. “I came to meet Isla” Jose replied. Iker offered him a small sceptical look, something which made Jose chuckle. He'd been the same when Iker had first been born, protective and suspicious of everything. “I just want to meet my daughter-in-law Iker, and perhaps that beautiful granddaughter of mine” he chuckled softly. Iker offered him another look before he nodded, allowing the older man into the house. “They are up in the nursery” Iker explained as he led his father through the house. Jose nodded a little. “How long have you and Isla been married now?” Jose posed. Iker's face tweaked a small smile. “Sixteen months” he announced. He knew how people had felt about it at first, Ella and Sergio had both warned them that it was likely to fail, but Iker was glad they had proved them wrong. The past sixteen months had been wonderful, even despite Isla's health problems, Iker couldn't have been happier. Jose noted the smile and patted his son's shoulder, offering him a wide smile. “I am glad you are so happy Iker” he cooed as they approached Mia's nursery.

Sparing his father a look, Iker placed his hand on the door handle and pushed it open, his face brightening as he spotted Isla sat with Mia in her arms. They were beautiful, his two girls, and he couldn't get over how amazing they looked together. He'd never seen a more perfect sight. “Who was at the door?” Isla posed as she peeked away from Mia slightly. Iker shifted a little before he gestured to his father. “Isla, this is my father Jose. Papa, this is Isla, my wife, and Mia, our daughter” he noted. Isla blinked a little before she pushed herself up, offering her hand towards the older man. “My son talks about you a lot Isla” Jose smiled as he took her hand and shook it lightly. Isla blushed slightly. “I hope he tells you good things” she returned shyly. Jose nodded. “He never stops telling us how amazing you are. You've certainly won his heart” he smiled. The blush on Isla's cheeks darkened a little before Mia squeaked, calling all attention down towards the five day old. Jose admired the little girl. She was small, delicate, but he could see she looked like Iker, something which made him smile a little. “She's stunning Iker” the older man fawned. Iker nodded. “She is. She looks like Isla” he smiled. Isla offered a small shake of her head before Mia let out a cry. “She needs a feed” the brunette mumbled. Iker nodded dutifully and gripped onto his father's arm, escorting him from the nursery.

“You certainly have a beautiful little family here Iker. I am proud” Jose mused as he watched his son close the nursery door. He was surprised, from what Carmen had said, Isla was the last thing he was expecting, but both she and Mia seemed perfect. “Could you perhaps translate that thought back to madre?” he huffed. Jose sighed a little. “Your mother is not upset with Isla, she is upset that you got married without us. You are our eldest boy Iker and we would have liked to have been there when you committed the rest of your life to Isla” Jose explained. Iker's face softened a little. He'd never thought that he had hurt his mother in marrying Isla like he had, he had assumed she was merely kicking up a fuss because she could. “You should bring Isla and Mia over soon. Give your mother and Unai a chance to meet them” the older man mused. Iker nodded. “I will papa” he vowed. Jose offered him a small smile before he wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tightly.
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