All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Six: Making Things Better

“Do we really have to go?” Isla pouted as she watched Iker prepare Mia for their outing. She understood why he wanted to do it, Carmen was his mother and he still wanted her in his life, but Isla was reluctant. The way that Carmen had treated her still hurt and she didn't want to be exposed to her once more. Iker looked away from Mia for a moment and nodded. “She is my madre Isla” he mumbled “I would like her to be in Mia's life” he explained gently. He knew how she felt about his mother, but he had taken his father's words to heart. They had hurt her and introducing her to Mia was sure to make up for it in part. “Do I have to go?” Isla replied. Iker chuckled a little and nodded. “You two are a package, my mama doesn't get Mia without you” he noted. Isla gave a small groan before she pushed herself up, heading towards her wardrobe. Iker watched her and followed the movement, his arm wrapping around her petite waist. “If she says one thing, we will be out of there. I promise you” he mumbled into her ear. Isla blushed at the feel of his breath on her skin before she nodded. Iker smiled a little a pressed a kiss to the side of her neck, wordlessly thanking her for going along with him.

“You must be Isla” Unai mused as he opened the door to his brother. Isla shifted a little. She was nervous, she had never been good around people, but she knew she had to be on her best behaviour. She had never been to a family dinner before. “Si, she is” Iker smiled as he placed his arm around Isla's waist. He knew she was scared, she'd hardly uttered a word all morning, but he was sure things would go well. Isla was likeable and he was sure his family would see it when they got to know her. Unai gave his brother a look before he flashed his eyes down to Mia, a doting smile fixed on his face. Iker noted the smile and nodded. “She's beautiful right?” he chuckled, his hand leading Isla towards the living room. Unai nodded. “She looks like you Isla” he smiled. Isla blushed a little and offered a small thanks, something which made Unai chuckle. “Padre said she was shy” he teased. Iker offered a little smile before his mother appeared in the door way, a small awed look in her eyes. “Iker” Carmen mused as she watched her eldest son. It was a surprise, she hadn't expected to see him or Isla again, but she was glad they were there. She wanted nothing more than to meet the little girl that they had. “Hola mama” Iker responded gently. Carmen nodded a little before she stepped forwards, her eyes fixed on Mia who slept soundly in her car seat. Iker noticed where her gaze sat and shifted a little, hiding Mia slightly. “You have to say something to Isla before you can meet Mia” Iker noted strongly.

Carmen looked at her son for a moment before she turned to Isla. She knew what she had done was wrong, she had been unnecessarily cruel to a woman who had made her son more than happy, but part of her simply couldn't warm to Isla. She was the girl who had deprived her of the chance of watching her son get married and that wasn't something Carmen was going to forgive lightly. “Madre” Iker warned. Carmen swallowed a little. “I can't Iker. She deprived me of watching you get married and that is something a mother cannot forgive” she mumbled. Isla shifted a little in her spot before she shook her head, making a move towards the door. Iker reached out a little and stopped her, his large hand curling around her delicate wrist. “I wanted to wait until dinner” he murmured carefully. He knew it was silly, Isla was already his wife, but he wanted to give her the wedding she deserved and he wanted to give his mother the chance to see him get married. It was the only way she would stop picking on Isla. “What are you doing?” Isla spluttered as she noted the serious look on his face. Iker swallowed a little before he knelt down ahead of her, his big brown eyes starting up at her. “Isla, will you renew your vows to me?” he murmured. Isla blinked a little. His proposal was sweet, sweeter than when he had proposed marriage, and she knew she couldn't turn him down. His brown eyes were reminiscent of a puppy. Giggling slightly, she took his hand and pulled him back to his feet. “Of course I will” she grinned. Iker chuckled a little before he pressed a kiss to her forehead, mumbling a small thank you.

Carmen watched her son for a moment. She had never seen him look so happy and knew she couldn't stand in his way. Iker was going to be with Isla, regardless whether she approved or not, Iker was in love. “Madre, I know it isn't my first wedding and that it isn't the same, but I would love for you and dad to be there” Iker explained as he turned to face his mother. He knew it wasn't the first time, that this ceremony would only be a renewing of vows, but he hoped it would go some way to repapering the rift between his mother and wife. All he wanted was for his family to like Isla. Carmen looked at her elder son for a moment before she nodded, offering him a small smile. “I would love that Iker” she cooed. Iker offered her a little smile before he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her softly. Isla smiled a little before she moved to pick Mia up, offering her to Carmen. The older woman's eyes filled the tears at the sight of the little girl. Iker chuckled a little. “Mama, this is Mia” he mused, his hand gently moving through the tufts of brown hair on Mia's head. Carmen giggled a little before she took the infant, fussing over her with Unai and Jose.

“You had all this planned didn't you?” Isla mused as Iker placed his arm around her waist. The keeper laughed. “My mother is a stubborn woman and short of dumping you, this was the next best thing” he teased. Isla rolled her eyes. “I also wanted to give you the wedding day that you deserved. Our wedding was a tad rushed” he whispered, his lips kissing her cheek. Isla's pale skin warmed under his touch. “You don't have to do that” she whispered. Iker smiled against her skin. “I know I don't have to, but I want to Isla. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess” he explained, his hand lacing with hers. Isla shook her head. “Just don't spend too much on it. I don't want people thinking bad of me” she mumbled. Iker chuckled. “Whatever you say bonita” he smiled.
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