All That I'll Ever Need

Twenty-Seven: As Long As It Is You

“Are you sure that you are going to be alright without me?” Isla posed as she placed her bag on her shoulder. She knew it wasn't a big deal, Iker was more than capable of looking after Mia by himself, but the brunette was nervous. The little girl was only a couple of weeks old and it was Isla's first time leaving her. “Of course I am” Iker replied from his spot on the floor. He knew it was hard, he hated leaving Mia when he had to travel for games, but he was sure he could cope. She was only a few weeks old, she couldn't cause that much trouble. Isla offered him a little look before she padded towards him, taking Mia out of his arms. Iker sat up a little and smiled. “She's safe with me Isla, you don't have to worry” he smiled as he watched her bounce Mia a little, causing the little girl to giggle. “I know” Isla replied “It's just the first time I have left her. It's a little tough” she whimpered. It was silly, Mia was sure to be safe with Iker, but Isla couldn't help it. For two weeks, Mia had been at her side and it was going to be strange when she wasn't. “I know the feeling” Iker chuckled as he moved to stand beside his wife “But it will get easier. You just have to get used to it” he mused. Isla nodded a little before she heard the doorbell ring. “That will be Ella” she mused, her hands placing Mia into Iker's arms. “You make sure you find the dress you want” he noted. Isla rolled her eyes a little. She had told him, she didn't want anything over the top, but Iker was insistent. He seemed to want to spoil her, even despite her insistence he didn't. Iker offered her a little smile before he kissed her temple, letting her go.

“How are you handling being a mama then Isla?” Pilar posed as she sipped on the complimentary glass of champagne the store had plied her with. It'd been hours, Isla had been searching for the right dress for nearly four hours, but still she seemed no closer. Everything she had tried on seemed to be off to her for some reason. Isla, who had been thumbing through another rack of dresses, turned a little and offered a sweet smile. “I love it” she gushed softly. Pilar giggled a little before she stood up, collecting a pretty lace dress from the rack at her side. “I saw this one earlier” she explained, her hand holding it out towards Isla who admired it slightly. It was a short dress, it would probably only meet her mid thigh, but already Isla liked it. It was a little off white, creamy perhaps, but she adored it. “I think you may have found it Pilar” Ella teased as she watched the awed look fill Isla's face. Isla blushed a little and reached out, taking it out of Pilar's hand. “It's beautiful Pilar” she whispered gently, awe echoing in her words. Pilar giggled a little and pointed over Isla's shoulder towards the changing room. “You should try it on” she teased, her other hand giving Isla's shoulder a little nudge. Isla giggled a little before she stepped into the changing room, the dress clutched tightly in her hand.

“Did you find a dress?” Iker peeped as he looked away from Mia for a moment. The little girl was contently cuddled in his arms as she enjoyed her dinner, something which made Iker laugh a little. For such a tiny baby, she ate an awful lot. Isla nodded her head a little. “Pilar picked it out for me, but it is perfect. I feel really pretty in it” she fawned. Iker smiled interestedly before he leant towards her. “You look beautiful in everything you wear” he mumbled before he gave her a soft kiss. Isla smiled into the kiss before she tugged away from him, her grey eyes peeking up through her lashes at him. “What is this look for nena?” he quipped as he shifted Mia a little, causing her to let out a little whimper. “I may have bought it from a cheaper boutique than the one you sent me to” she noted softly. She knew he wanted to make their day special, it was supposed to be the best day of their lives, but she didn't want him spending all of his money on it. As long as Iker was the groom, Isla didn't care about much else.

Iker frowned a little. He knew why she had done it, but it hurt him a little that she had bought the cheap option. He wanted her to have the day of her life when she renewed her vows. “Amor, what have I told you about prices?” he mumbled. Isla sighed. “I know what you have said Iker, but I still don't feel right about it. I don't want people thinking that I am with you because you buy me everything under the sun” she explained. The keeper sighed a little. “But that was your wedding dress Isla, that is the one thing you should have let me spend a lot on. You deserve the best” he whimpered. Isla offered him a little look before she pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I didn't like any of the expensive ones Iker, they were frilly and too big, the one I have is perfect, it simply isn't designer” she explained, her grey eyes searching his. Iker nodded a little before he pressed another kiss to her lips. “You mustn't worry about prices Isla, you know full well that I can handle it” he mumbled between kisses. Isla nodded. “I know you can, I just don't care that much about how expensive something is. As long as it is you at the altar, then that is all that matters” she whispered. Iker smiled a little before he kissed her cheek, mumbling about how amazing she was.